Devs add quick level fixes to ‘Fall Guys Season 2’


Fall Guys Season 2 has some of the most fun mini-games in a while. Devs at Mediatonic are making sure players can enjoy them more, along with a few fixes.

Players are happy to dive into Fall Guys Season 2, but a damper gets into the thick of things. Many players got to proc the old maps more instead of the new ones. Now, the devs fixed a few of these issues with new tweaks for all the little beans.

Players can play more medieval levels

Season 2 of Fall Guys is offering new, fun maps right now. The medieval-themed Wall Guys and Knight Fever comes to mind. There’s also Hoopsie Legends and the classic Slime Climb.

Before, some players are tiring out, not because of the new maps, but because of the lack of them. Some rarely get to play on the new maps. Many do the Whirlygig, Fruit Chute, or even Roll Out.

Mediatonic addressed that today with a quick fix that increased the chances for new levels. The devs increased the proc rate for medieval rounds, together with adding a new “show.” Players can now play more of the new maps.

There’s also a new map coming around called Slime Survivors. The new show takes advantage of as many slime maps as possible. It’s fast and eats up slowpokes as soon as possible.

They have now removed Gauntlet Showdown and included a slew of slime maps. These include Slime Climb, Roll Out, Block Party, and Jump Club. The finishers include Jump Showdown and Hex-A-Gone.

Players will now see fewer nicknames and nameplates

Mediatonic is adding a ton of fixes to the current Fall Guys Season 2 meta. Apart from updating the proc rates for medieval maps, they also fixed the chance to get nicknames and nameplates.

In the store, players can see random items available in the Fall Guys Item Shop. Until recently, the new nicknames and nameplates overcrowded the store. Players looking for specific patterns only find more of these unwanted nicknames there.

Now, these items will show up much less—the fix allowed for a better variation on items, which is always great for reducing frustration.

According to the Fall Guys Twitter, they’re also gearing for an upcoming mid-season update. Among the things they’re teasing is an update to the Perfect Match event. Instead of having people crowd one small tile, a spinning tube will prevent people from camping.

Fall Guys Season 2 is well underway, and players are enjoying it so far. More updates are on the horizon, so players need to stay tuned.

Featured image courtesy of DevolverDigital/Youtube Screenshot

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