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Devs confirm coop heist ‘Payday 3’ is still in the works


Coop heist game ‘Payday 3’ is still in the works, according to its devs. The devs at Starbreeze made a small update post that notes they’re still working on it.

Payday 3 got its first announcement in 2016. Since then, the devs kept mum about their process, with not much fanfare at all. This weekend, a post came out reminding players that it’s still in the works and will use Unreal Engine.

‘PD3’ is still coming

In a post on the Payday 2 Twitter, the devs made a succinct “Hackerman” message. In it, they noted that the PD3 is still confirmed and in the middle of the design phase. While they don’t have a release date yet, they mention they’re using the Unreal Engine for it.

The Unreal Engine is one of the better engines ready for next-gen gaming. Their recent feature on the Playstation a few months ago showed its mettle. The next-gen Payday should work wonders and add new styles of gameplay.

Payday 2 is still a great game, and it holds up well. The game still has as many as 40,000 to 50,000 per day. The heist title even got its highest concurrent players today over the past few months at 48,655.

Its most recent DLC, Breakfast in Tijuana, came out July this year. The game’s still active, but it’s understandable why people will worry over the franchise.

Starbreeze is a volatile disaster

Payday 3 with Starbreeze handling the development is a volatile recipe. Starbreeze took on the development reigns from the original guys at Overkill. Even then, the road there is treacherous for the franchise.

Starbreeze announced the game in 2016 after they bought the series. The company then published The Walking Dead in 2018, which was a disaster. The game tanked across the board with its weak gameplay elements and technical issues.

The company relied on the supposed Walking Dead money at the time. As the game became a commercial failure, Starbreeze fell flat on its financial woes. The company restructured in recent years, regrouping so far.

Earlier this year, the company looked for a US$26 million funding. The pandemic hit the company hard and needed the money to square away with for PD3. 30% of the funds will go towards the debts that came out of the restructuring.

The subtle news about Payday 3 likely means that they solved their funding problem. The original projections for the game are 2022 to 2023, which matches the current time. What little information they gave is likely a small glimmer of hope.

Featured image courtesy of Overkill Software/Youtube Screenshot

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