‘Diary of Our Day at the Breakwater’ manga will go on another hiatus

Diary of Our Day at the Breakwater

Diary of Our Day at the Breakwater manga will go on another hiatus after it took a break in the mid-year.

By the looks of it, fans have to wait longer before seeing Diary of Our Day at the Breakwater again. It may take a little while before the manga return to Young Champion Retsu magazine.

Another hiatus in December

The series went on a break in July after the rain and flooding in southern Kyushu, Spoiler Guy noted.

Thankfully, it returned soon after the rain stopped and the flood subsided.

When it goes for another hiatus in December, it remains to be seen when the manga will return. So, fans have to wait for future updates or announcements about its comeback.

The anime’s hiatus in July

The manga series is about recreation fishing, created by Yasuyuki Kosaka. According to Anime News Network, it was launched in Young Champion Retsu in February 2017.

It is Kosaka’s first-ever series, compiled into six volumes, which started shipping on March 19.

The manga also has an anime adaptation. However, it also experienced some delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restarting its broadcast in July after premiering in April.

Diary of Our Day at the Breakwater follows the story of Hina Tsurugi, a first-year student who moves to the town by traveling by sea.

Tsurugi used to enjoy indoor activities, like doing arts and crafts, but she started loving the outdoors. She suddenly becomes fond of fishing after an older student, Yuuki Kuroiwa, invited her to join the school’s fishing club.

People behind the making of the series

Takaharu Okuma directs the anime adaptation of Diary of Our Day at the Breakwater at Doga Kobo.

Fumihiko Shimo handles the series’ composition, while Katsuhiro Kumagai controls the characters’ designs. In addition, Miki Sakurai works on music composition.

The show’s four main casts, Kanon Takao (Hina Tsurugi), Natsumi Kawaida (Natsumi Hodaka), Yu Sasahara (Yuuri Kuroiwa), and Satomi Akesaka (Makoto Oono), perform its opening theme song, “Sea Horizon.” They also sing its closing tune, “Tsuri no Sekai e” or “To the World of Fishing” in English.

Funimation streamed Diary of Our Day at the Breakwater when it aired in Japan. However, Season 1 ended in September and it remained to be seen if there would Season 2.

So far, fans wanted to know when Diary of Our Day at the Breakwater manga will return after it takes a break next month.

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