Did Amber Heard react to Twitter backlash with ‘vacation laugh’ post?

Amber Heard was heavily criticized by netizens for her outfit when she visited the mosques in Istanbul, but she seemed not to care based on her recent post on Instagram.

Amber Heard is in Turkey. She visited the mosques in Istanbul city over the weekend. However, many were not happy with her outfit, especially that she didn’t wear a bra based on her photos. But she seemed too happy to care.

Amber Heard shared ‘vacation laugh’ photo

Over the weekend, Amber Heard was trending on Twitter after sharing photos of her visits to mosques in Istanbul. The online users criticized the way she wore the hijab. Another slammed her for sharing a photo where she seemingly laughed while a man behind her was praying.

And many criticized her for not wearing a bra during the outing. Several find it disrespectful, especially that she was visiting a place of worship. But Heard was enjoying her trip too much to care about the backlash.

On Sunday, she shared a snap of her laughing while closing her eyes outside Hagia Sophia on Instagram.

“vacation laugh is it’s own thing,” Heard wrote in the caption.

Heard’s post could be her response to the criticisms she received over the weekend.

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vacation laugh is it’s own thing πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·

A post shared by Amber Heard (@amberheard) on

Amber criticized after visiting mosques

In a separate post on Instagram, Amber Heard shared a snap of her visit to mosques in Istanbul. She also shared several photos on her Instagram Story.

However, several Twitter users were furious after realizing that she did not dress appropriately because she was not wearing a bra.

“OMG i live in an Arab country i can tell you for a fact you and her are wrong. Muslims who don’t even know amber disagree with the way she dressed for a mosque visit. The only ones who think its ok are this ‘feminists’ who support an abuser,” one wrote.

“When you visit a religious building it is important to be conservative when interpreting their culture and customs. You weren’t wearing the scarf correctly covering your haor [sic], your nipples were visible through your top, you photographed and filmed people in worship, you” another Twitter user opined.

“Partner also openly criticised the womens section and filmed a woman praying. Its also considered rude to point in Turkey which you also did. Now if someone turkish or muslim does different its their religion and their culture they can do what they like. As visitors we respect.”

Amber’s fans wish her well

Meanwhile, several also hoped that Amber Heard had a good trip during her visit to Istanbul amid the backlash. One also reminded her to cover her chest on her next visit to mosques.

“some people going out of their way to speak on muslim culture without even knowing things is annoying. hope you’re having a good trip,” one commented.

“It is good that you visited mosque. Keep visiting mosques and meeting good Muslims. However, wearing full cover of your chest would be more suitable for the place. Stay blessed,” @Mansoor_Tirmizi wrote.

Image used courtesy of Twocoms/Shutterstock

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