Did Prince Harry, Meghan Markle violate COVID-19 safety protocols?


Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, were recently seen delivering food in Los Angeles. Amidst this charitable activity, several social media users have pointed out that the two royals violated safety protocols while delivering meals.

While the Royals did their best to keep the activity secret, several leaked photos and videos still managed to surface on several social media sites. The couple wore caps, face masks, and sunglasses to keep a low profile. Nevertheless, netizens were still able to point them out and criticized their actions as nothing more than a publicity stunt.

One of the videos that were leaked online shows Prince Harry and Meghan handing out a bag of food to an LA resident, according to this report. What alarmed many is that the two were not wearing gloves or any protective gear. This is a clear violation of the safety protocols that have been imposed during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Internet was quick to respond and share their opinions on the issue. Some netizens sarcastically commended the two for wearing sunglasses and caps. Some criticized them for not following proper safety protocols.

Safety First

Almost half the world is in lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of how easily the virus spreads from person-to-person, many health organizations have implemented social distancing rules and proper guidelines to curb the spread of the virus.

While some netizens are quick to criticize the two royals, it is important to note that they did not violate any of California’s safety guidelines. As seen in the video, the two are wearing casual dress. As per protocol, the two wore face masks. They are also each wearing a protective glove on the one hand.

One of the recipients of the aid was Dan Tyrell. In an interview with Wehoville, Tyrell said, “They were both nice and very down-to-earth people. They had masks on, and they were dressed down with jeans, but very nice jeans.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are known to be volunteers for Project Angel Food, a non-profit organization based in LA which provides free food for people who cannot cook for themselves.

Project Angel Food is known for helping those who are diagnosed with AIDS, and cancer, among others. The charity pointed out that Meghan wanted to volunteer for charity work a week before, but she was told that they were not accepting volunteers at that time.

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