Did Simon Cowell get liposuction? Here’s the truth

Simon Cowell previously sparked rumors that he might have gotten liposuction.

Earlier this year, America’s Got Talent judge Cowell stepped out in public looking as fit and firm as ever. Shortly after, Dr. Aydin Gozu, a surgeon at Clinic Center, shared his thoughts on what Simon Cowell might have done to shed off the unwanted pounds.

“Simon might have followed a strict diet and intensive exercise program to reach his current appearance, but at 60 it is increasingly difficult to achieve this level of definition. He might have had high-definition Vaser liposuction on his torso or abs, a sculpting treatment on his chin and neck, as well as possible gynecomastia reduction. High-definition liposuction helps even older patients to achieve a visible six-pack result,” he told Woman UK.

Simon Cowell denies getting liposuction

However, Cowell has denied the liposuction and gastric band claims. He said that if he went under the knife, he would admit to it.

But the doting dad to Eric said that he credits his vegan lifestyle for his 20-pound weight loss.

“Within 24 hours I changed my diet and I’ve not looked back since. You feel better and you look better,” he said.

Simon Cowell has tried non-invasive anti-aging techniques

Cowell admitted that he’s tried some anti-aging techniques like non-surgical facelifts.

“There’s a lot of things you can do now. You don’t just have to stuff your face with fillers and Botox,” he said.

‘America’s Got Talent’ judge gives an update on his life in quarantine

‘America’s Got Talent’ judge gives an update on his life in quarantine

In May, Cowell gave an update on his weight loss and said that he’s down 60 pounds.

“I’m doing a bit of cooking. I’m exercising. Funny enough, more during this time as well, sticking to the diet. The only difficult thing is when Eric orders a pizza… That’s the number one thing I miss,” he told Extra.

The former X-Factor judge also gave a piece of advice on how everyone could cope while in lockdown.

“Most importantly, occupy your mind. You have to stick to a routine. Fortunately, with things like Zoom, you stay in touch with the world, keep motivated, come up with ideas… I never get this time, normally,” he said.

Doting dad gushes over his son Eric

As for his son, Eric has, reportedly, been amazing during the lockdown.

“He is still able to do schoolwork, and now we are camping on the weekends in the garden,” he said.

Simon Cowell currently appears in the new season of America’s Got Talent. On Tuesday, he and his fellow judges graced the auditions without an audience due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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