Did you know that there is a game where you can relive the Suez Canal incident?

There is a hilarious game where you can become the ship that blocked the Suez Canal!

Every single day the gaming community is looking for a new topic to add to their list. Apart from everything, there are a lot of gameplays which are hilarious and one. And this is one of them!

What happened with the container ship?

The Suez Canal incident, which took the world by storm, has been a part of hilarious memes from all around the internet. In late March this year, a giant container ship would pass its way from the Suez Canal.

Known for its short route and narrow corners, the canal is really hard to get by. This is why many people and captains do have their share of incidents while passing through the canal. But this one container shop, Evergreen, took the internet by laughter and a fair share of morose since it got stuck in the canal.

It was blocking the biggest trade route in the place for an entirety of about six days.

What is the new game all about?

While most of us were sitting at our homes and had nothing to do apart from being relieved from the tension of the virus or suffering from it, it was hilarious meme content for the world to share on their phones and laugh all about it.

Experts have said that they were working towards the passage, and they wanted to take a clear view of what caused the issue. So experts have laid out and pinpointed the facts that are really easy to understand and where everyone had a good laugh piloting something of a size that can be hard to pass a narrow canal.

Apart from it, an indie developer called Napas Torteeka took the opportunity and made the whole incident into a video game that players can now enjoy.

How is the gameplay?

So the video game is pretty simple. Here players are in charge of the container ship called Evergreen, which got stuck in the canal. So they have to take care of the ship and get it out as soon as they can.

But there is a catch. Since it is a video game, there will be a lot of hilarious elements added to it. First of all, there is Godzilla! Can you imagine? Apart from it, other things are added to the game as well.

First of all, there are present challenges that the container ship’s captain in the game can think of. Other than that, there are additional routes for the ship to pass as well.

The game is single-player, which means that every player is in charge of the game and the ship.


Image courtesy of Game channel MAZAVS/YouTube

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