‘Digimon Adventure’: Devimon opts for a new evolution, DoneDevimon

The excitement is rising in Digimon Adventure’s 20th Anniversary series. Aside from introducing a new kind of Devimon, the series teases for a brand new evolution. 

The hype is real in the run of the new installment of Digimon Adventure. Tai and Yamato are now kicking off their battle against Devimon. The two heroes’ digital monsters, MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon, showed up their massive powers and appeared almost to defeat their foe.

The fans of the original Digimon series saw the visible changes in the story. This intrigues everyone by what lies ahead in the future of the series. Now, instead of accepting defeat, Devimon is about to become stronger in the upcoming episodes.

New doors of more tremendous battles

Considering the changes in the new Digimon Adventure, there are surprise appearances that fans should watch into. The title of Episode 24 of Digimon Adventure is The Final Stage, DoneDevimon. The episode shares a glimpse of the arrival of yet another brand new and more powerful Devimon form not seen in the anime before, DoneDevimon.

Twitter revealed the peek of the new character via @Wikimon_news. Along with the image, a description for the episode unveils, “Devimon, who seems to have finally been defeated, transforms into Done Devimon and attacks. This time, Koshiro and the others learn that large ships are starting to go out of control…”

The hype of Episode 24

With the reveal that Devimon will be transforming into a more powerful monster, the Episode 24 description continues. It says that DoneDevimon defeated Yamato after launching a fierce attack with WereGarurumon.

DoneDevimon now engulfs Taichi after the defeat of pal. “Metal Greymon unleashed a strange yet powerful light attack, who is consumed by rage and runs wild. The attack endangers even Takeru and Tokomon, who get separated right after Yamato is defeated.”

With the presumed transformation of the Devimon in the next episode, is it also a way of saying that Tai and Agumon will be making a surprise reveal?

Image courtesy of 東映アニメーション公式YouTubeチャンネル/YouTube Screenshot

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