‘Digimon Adventure’: Devimon’s newest evolution inspired by Venom, Spawn

The new episode of Digimon Adventure revealed the much-anticipated brand new Mega evolution for DoneDevimon.

And it’s confirmed! DoneDevimon’s features are inspired by comic book characters Venom and Spawn. The designer behind the monster, DoneDevimon, confirmed that Venom and Spawn inspired the new evolution.

The newest episode of the series featured the climax of the battle. It revealed Tai, Matt, and Takeru struggling to face the dark Digimon.

The struggle was hard-won by the heroes. Things only got worse when Devimon gained enough stolen data for him, reaching the Mega evolution, DoneDevimon.

The story behind the features of DoneDevimon

Comicbook divulged that the new evolution was for the 20th Anniversary of the series. The designer behind the monster features in the franchise is Kenji Watanabe. He recently revealed the new illustration alongside the debut of the episode.

Furthermore, the peek for the new characters gives fans a slick new look at the fight. Also, Watanabe noted how Todd McFarlane’s creations inspired the latest evolution.

The dark monster’s resemblance to familiar characters

The confirmation of the design inspiration jumps out of the likenesses observed by fans. Before the reveal, fans saw a blend of the two villains, Venom and Spawn, in Devimon’s mega evolution.

The long cloak and red streaks from Spawn are evident, including the large piercing eyes of Venom. Moreover, like Venom, DoneDevimon has a habit of sticking its long tongue out all the time.

In the past, Watanabe has opened up about these new designs. He revealed that it somehow helped him inspire the monster designs he created for the Digimon franchise.

With this, the Digimon reboot unveils more wild variations of monsters, and the fans are buying it. Thanks to this updated take on the 20-year-old classic anime.

Image courtesy of ElDiegoLapiz/YouTube Screenshot

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