‘Digimon Adventure’: MetalGreymon shocked fans with Dark Evolution

As Devimon mesmerized Digimon Adventure fans with mega transformation, the heroes’ corner did not also disappoint as it shocked fans with an unexpected dark evolution of MetalGreymon.

The fight against Devimon has finally reached its climax in Digimon. Much more to the surprise in the episode is the unprecedented dark evolution of MetalGreymon.

Compared to the original Digimon series, the new series has been evolving in a much different way.

Fans were getting curious about how the fight with Devimon would end up, considering the original series.

The newest episode showed Devimon unlocked a powerful ultimate evolution and made it to his Mega evolution level. In the face of Devimon’s new Mega level power, the heroes lose all their hopes.

Furthermore, seeing their team losing, they channeled their darkest feelings and became insanely dangerous.

The dark side of Tai and MetalGreymon

In the original series, Tai forcibly evolves Greymon into the Ultimate evolution, darker SkullGreymon.

Similarly, the new episode in the reboot revealed the two of them push MetalGreymon into a recent dark change. The transformation, however, is not named. But the brief time of the transformation matched the violent power of DoneDevimon.

When DoneDevimon was first unleashed, it revealed to have two giant hands made out of the miasma. One of the hands managed to strike both Tai and MetalGreymon and bring them to that dark new level, making miasma the key.

Tai and MetalGreymon saw Matt and WereGarurumon defeated by DoneDevimon. The Mega level threat, on the other hand, almost destroyed Takeru. With this, the two channeled a dark new aura.

The heroes turned berserk

Transforming into a dark being, the two temporarily became more assertive, but not strong enough.

MetalGreymon’s new evolution is not stable, and it develops sporadic attacks. Matt and Takeru were almost endangered and continued to launch laser blasts across the area.

Brutally, the dark evolution fight against DoneDevimon. However, it still almost lost the fight despite the massive power until Tokomon channels its holy power. It manages to reach Agumon’s mind.

The holy power blends with the dark evolution and temporarily unlocks Agumon’s Mega form. Later on, it gave a final blow to DoneDevimon.


Image courtesy of ShadowShak/YouTube Screenshot

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