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‘Digimon Adventure’ returns with episode 4, Sora and Biyomon unite


Digimon Adventure is finally back with a new episode. The show picks up where it left off before it went on a hiatus.

The wait for the return of Digimon Adventure is finally over. The reboot of the original 1999 anime television series with the same title just released its fourth episode.

Fans have been waiting for it after the show went on a two-month break due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And now that it’s back, many are delighted to see Sora and Biyomon united.

Officially part of the crew

When Sora Takenouchi debuted in the new anime series, she had yet to become an official member of the DigiDestined.

Episode 4 made that moment happen and not only did she officially became part of the crew, she also got her official Digimon partner as well.

Her Digimon, Biyomon, first emerged from some shrubbery. Upon seeing a nearby Snimon, the creature ran straight into Sora’s arms.

Sora warmly embraced Biyomon without much argument. She made some instant connection with her Digital partner, which reminded fans of her crest power.

The feisty, tomboyish character possesses the Crest of Love, which is most likely the reason why she easily adopted Biyomon. This is still to be revealed later on in the reboot series though.

Episode 4 also showed the evolution of Biyomon into Birdramon. Thanks to Sora’s help, her Digital partner was able to evolve during a major fight.

Several fans were beyond happy to see Sora again, with some pointing out her traditional blue hat and the nostalgia it brings.

One fan wrote: “Finally got to see Episode 4 of #DigimonAdventure, so good to see Tai and Sora again. Sora being something like a survival camp Batman is hilarious. Really excited for what comes next.”

Reference to blockbusters

Fans also noticed how episode 4 seemed to referenced two classic summer blockbusters. As detailed in CBR, the scene where Tai stared in awe of the Digital World appeared strikingly similar to now-iconic scene from Jurassic Park.

In the 1993 Speilberg movie, Sam Neil’s Dr. Alan Grant gets teary upon seeing the resurrected dinos on Isla Nublar for the first time.

The other spotted reference is another one of Spielberg’s monster movie, Jaws. Tai and Sora were drifting downstream on a makeshift raft when suddenly a large, sea creature jumped over them.

It definitely reminded fans of the giant shark in the original 1975 summer blockbuster.

Episode 5 preview

Digimon Adventure already released a preview of episode 5 titled “The Holy Digimon.” It teases that the mysterious stone altar that Tai and Sora found in the latest episode has something to do with their destiny as the Chosen Children.

Fans will have to stay tuned to get more updates on the 2020 Digimon Adventure.

Featured image courtesy of Lost in Translationmon: Digimon Podcast/YouTube Screenshot

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