Digital collectibles from William Shatner sold out in minutes

Blockchain-based digital trading card packs featuring the iconic William Shatner sold out in just nine minutes.

Overall, 10,000 trading card packs containing the components of digital trading cards (non-fungible tokens) were sold.

Hitting warp speed

The digital collectibles are based upon the WAX blockchain. 3,000 Mega Packs contained 30 digital collectibles and 7,000 Standard Packs contained 5 digital collectibles. The Mega Packs sold out in three minutes while the Standard Packs sold out in nine minutes.

Overall, there are five levels of rarity for the digital trading cards. They are:

  • Base – Common cards. Each pack includes a “Life in Plastic” base card with a unique number on it that enters the card owner into a drawing for an ultra-rare action figure autographed by William Shatner.
  • Shimmer – Uncommon cards featuring a prismatic sheen effect.
  • X-Ray – Rare cards that feature a black and white x-ray effect.
  • Radiant – Super Rare cards that feature special animations and effects.
  • Golden Ticket – Super Rare cards that show William Shatner’s signature, and can be redeemed for a physical autographed headshot of William Shatner.

A Standard Pack contains 3 to 5 shards, a 0.2% chance at a Radiant Card (Collector’s Edition), a 0.1% chance at a Golden Ticket card, and a “Life in Plastic” Base card.

A Mega Pack contains 28 to 30 shards, a 1% chance at a Radiant Card (Collector’s Edition), a 0.6% chance at a Golden Ticket card, and a “Life in Plastic” Base card.

The buyer combines the three matching shards for a specific card to create a Base, Shimmer, and X-Ray card based upon the WAX blockchain. When the card is created, the full details (rarity, trading history, name, etc.) are fully revealed. Shards are not needed to create Radiant and Golden Ticket cards.

Once the owner has a card, they are free to keep it, trade it, display it on social media, or sell it to others via blockchain technology. Shards can also be sold to others.

Overall, the card series features 65 photographs from the life and career of William Shatner. There are pictures from his Star Trek days (as well as other TV series), personal photos, images from his modeling days, and more.

William Shatner has been a proponent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for some time. As for this digital trading card collection, he states, “There is a saying that putting something online is forever. I disagree. Putting something on a blockchain is forever.”

The long career of William Shatner

Shatner long ago achieved legendary cult status for his portrayal of Captain Kirk on Star Trek: The Original Series in the 1960s. The staggering success of that sci-fi show has ensured his popularity at pop culture conventions for over fifty years.

He has enjoyed success in other TV shows as well. T.J. Hooker was a very popular cop show in the 1980s, and he served as host of Rescue 911 for seven seasons. He was also in the last two seasons of 3rd Rock from the Sun. He earned two Emmy awards for his portrayal of lawyer Denny Crane from The Practice and Boston Legal.

Of course, Shatner is also well known for his spoken word recordings and his unique approach to singing.

Featured image courtesy of Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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