Digital Surge

Digital Surge is the go-to Australian Bitcoin exchange. The site offers a simple, intuitive, and sleek experience that connects users with the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin as seamlessly as possible.

Let’s stack it up against the criteria.

  • Security: Digital Surge places a major emphasis on the security of their platform and users. 98% of all funds are held offline, firmly out of the reach of attackers, meaning that traders can rest easy with funds on DS. User information is protected by salt and hash encryption. Accounts are protected by an automated verification procedure, which is both simple and sufficiently secure.
  • Markets: The only functionality of Digital Surge markets is the purchase and sale of Bitcoin for AUD. While this may be frustrating for altcoin traders, it does establish DS as the top Bitcoin exchange for Australians. And with the entire emphasis on a single market, liquidity on the market is unrivaled.
  • Fees: For bank deposits and withdrawals alongside cryptocurrency transactions, no fee is required. There is a slight fee of roughly $2-3 when making instant trades in AUD via POLi payments. Trading fees start at 0.75% and decrease with cumulative trading volume, down to a minimum of just 0.1%.
  • Usability: The major factor that sets Digital Surge apart from the competition is its user experience. This site is smooth in every sense of the word. Trading Bitcoin for AUD on DS is as simple as it gets, which is exactly why traders keep coming back.

Overall, Digital Surge is a top choice for buying, selling, or trading Bitcoin for AUD. Cheap rates and a splendidly simple interface cannot be beat.

Buy Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies at Digital Surge

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