Dignitas Female debuted ‘Valorant’ career with back-to-back eSports events

Dignitas Female debuted 'Valorant' career with back-to-back eSports events

Two-time CS: GO female champs Dignitas Female is expanding its coverage to Valorant—debuting last weekend with back-to-back events.

The all-female pro team Dignitas Female (DIG Fe) made headlines last week after announcing its expansion to another game title. Last weekend, the team reportedly started their Valorant career with two separate eSports events for Riot Games’ hyped closed beta game.

It is worth noting that Dignitas Female is not leaving the CS: GO pro scene. Unlike the other teams such as South Korea’s MVP PK, who completely jumped ships to Valorant, DIG Fe will officially be competing for multiple titles.

The DIG Fe roster

The announcement of the all-female CS: GO group expanding came on May 16. The team is led by captain Emmalee “EMUHLEET” Garrido. Along with Emmalee are:

  • Amanda “rain” Smith
  • Melisa “Theia” Mundorff
  • Kiara “milk” Makua
  • Julie “Bouchard” Bouchard

DIG Fe was first organized in 2017, under the management of New Meta Entertainment (NME). They caught the attention of the eSports community after bagging back-to-back championships during the Intel Challenge Katowice championships in 2018 and 2019.

In 2017, they actually came in second, making them an already strong underdog team. Dignitas Female also ranked first in GIRL GAMER eSports Festival 2017 but only came in second in 2019.

The move to expand in Valorant has made the U.S.-based CS: GO team the first-ever all-female team to compete in multiple gaming titles in the pro scene.

In its official press release, NME and Dignitas CEO Michael Prindiville expresses:

 “Dignitas is a longstanding champion of women in esports. Since their recruitment in 2017, DIG Fe has raised four international trophies under the Dignitas banner; their expansion into VALORANT is the first step in a larger women’s empowerment initiative the organization has planned for the coming months. Our goal is to become esports most empowering and educational organization for professional and aspiring female gamers, content creators and fans.”

According to captain EMUHLEET, their team proudly raises the banner of being “female pioneers in the eSports space,” which is why they seek for new opportunities to feed its fanbase with the team’s competitive edge.

Weekend Valorant debut results

Meanwhile, DIG Fe debuted this weekend by competing in the ANEW VALORANT Women’s 1K Open on May 16, Saturday, and in Elite Esports Rivalry Bowl International on May 17, Sunday.

The all-female Dignitas representation is clearly taking the transition smoothly after placing second in its first Valorant tournament—ANEW VALORANT Women’s 1K Open.

During the Elite eSports Rivalry Bowl International, however, the team was a bit unfortunate, scoring 0-2 in the elimination round, ranking 13th overall.

Nevertheless, they’ve already proven themselves as a team that everyone should be looking out for.


Featured image courtesy of DIG/Twitter

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