Dillon Boy to lead NFT drop for world’s first interactive gallery


American-born artist Dillon Boy will soon have something new and exciting to offer his followers as he and his Extreme Art will lead the Non-fungible Token (NFT) drop of the world’s first interactive art gallery, TWO TWO.

Imagine a token, made by an artist who has a well-established reputation and has made a name for himself, being put and featured in a gallery like no other. That’s how art and artist are immortalized.

As an NFT is unique and can’t be replaced with someone else’s work, having the best of both worlds in Dillon Boy and TWO TWO as they collaborate for a major project is something for the books.

Dillon’s impressive run

To be called to lead a huge project like an NFT drop is a big challenge. Dillon has what it takes to face that challenge.

What makes him stand out is not his substantial international following, but the style and attitude he exudes with his works. He is able to reveal truth in art, seamlessly blending love, angst, beauty, and pain. Dillon’s works call for the audience to abandon all conventional wisdom for their unique brand of social consciousness.

If you’re like TWO TWO seeking to dip into the waters of NFTs, wouldn’t you want an artist like Dillon to be on your side?

A partnership like no other

TWO TWO won’t be coming out empty-handed in this partnership, as its partner company, the Illusion Factory, will closely collaborate with Dillon Boy for the re-imagination of his art with Augmented and Virtual Reality for the gamification of the themed NFT series he will lead to develop.

Dillon Boy will be a part of the TWO TWO Extreme Masters Project scheduled for the winter of 2022 as an episodic series of forums aimed at promoting education and collaboration.

As early as now, TWO TWO is already showing great love for the artist they have chosen to lead their NFT drop, with its co-founder Steven Meistrich saying they are both grateful and humbled to welcome Dillon Boy into their family.

As there are no schedules yet for the drop, everyone is on pins and needles, seeing what this “art with no boundaries” partnership brings.

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