Dimensity 1000 Plus: MediaTek’s new 5G chipset supports 144Hz display, launches

Dimensity 1000 Plus: MediaTek’s new 5G chipset with support for 144Hz display launches

The latest SoC belongs to the flagship-grade Dimensity 5G lineup and offers a slew of upgrades over the regular Dimensity 1000 chip.

After releasing its new mid-range chipset, MediaTek now follows it up with a proper flagship iteration. Dubbed as Dimensity 1000 Plus, the latest entry serves as the Taiwanese chipmaker’s other proponent from its flagship-level Dimensity 5G series.

MediaTek’s new flagship SoC boasts a handful of upgrades over the firm’s vanilla Dimensity 1000 chip.

Dimensity 1000 Plus: 5G UltraSave

Same with Dimensity 1000, the Plus variant is also built around a 7nm process and comes with an identical 5G modem. The only difference between the two is the latter’s “5G UltraSave” feature. The new add on is a built-in power-saving mechanism that enables the phone to switch dynamically between different power states to optimize battery life.

Meanwhile, the modem in Dimensity 1000 Plus is noted for its capability of handling two 5G SIMs simultaneously. It can also fall back to 4G relative to the connection quality.

Support for 144Hz display refresh rate

MediaTek is finally bringing out the big guns in the game of high refresh rate screens. The newest SoC supports 144Hz UHFR (ultra-high frame rate) display panels, which are currently the highest offering in this field.

The chip also features a dedicated MiraVision Picture Quality Engine. It can upscale 4K SDR video contents to HDR10+ without any fuss.

MediaTek also pack-ported its in-house “AI PQ” technology, from Smart TVs to smartphone displays through the Dimensity 1000 Plus. This modification is said to enhance the picture quality of 4K videos and streams in real time.

Revamped HyperEngine tech

MediaTek’s new premium chip also features a rehabilitated HyperEngine or the on-demand dynamic resource allocation module. With the revamping, the chip now offers on-demand overclocking of CPU and GPU, alongside network optimizations.

These optimizations include support for 5G standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) modes simultaneously on both SIM slots (Call & Data Concurrency 2.0)

Another vital network optimization in the Dimensity 1000 Plus is its ability to sense precise connectivity across 5G NR, 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi connections. MediaTek dubs it as Intelligent Multi-Network Prediction 2.0.

iQOO to be the first smartphone brand

Vivo’s sub-brand IQOO has already put the first dibs on Dimensity 1000 Plus. The Chinese phone maker is yet to reveal the name of the phone. Speculations are rife though that the phone could be the iQOO Neo3 Racing Edition or Neo3 Dimensity Edition.


Image used courtesy of Geekyranjit/YouTube Screenshot



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