Dinosaur horror survival ‘Deathground’ starts on Kickstarter


British indie studio Jaw Drop Games announced dino horror survival Deathground. The game is a dinosaur coop-survival title reminiscent of Dino Crisis.

Deathground takes on the work that Capcom is not doing with the Dino Crisis franchise. The game crosses the horror of man-eating reptiles with the thrills of Alien: Isolation. This move results in a game that will scare players out of their wits.

Jaw Drop Games is crowdfunding for the game

Jaw Drop Games has put the game on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. Ground, as of this writing, is almost $80,000 out of its base goal of $100,000. The progress of the backing is robust so far, so the team is upping the ante.

They released a gameplay teaser footage and showed how the game would likely play. The gameplay loop is simple, and that’s for players to retrieve high-value loot. Players take on the role of hunters looking for a treasure within a dinosaur infested locale.

From the spawn point, players would need to work together and go through the level. The gameplay is much like Dead by Daylight. Instead of preparing escape routes, players would collect the loot and try to reach extraction.

From here, players level up and live to fight another day. The game also has classes, each with its traits and skills a la Valorant. The three job classes so far are the engineer, scout, and hunter.

There are also a variety of maps with different environments. These will include the classic Jungle map, warehouse facility, and an observatory.

Ground gives dinosaurs that can rip players apart

Deathground is a spine-chilling dinosaur game that has a ton of potential. In the gameplay demo itself, players don’t have a lot to defend themselves with. Much of the game revolves around hiding and knowing where the dinosaurs are.


Every moment is nailbiting, with a ton of things to do. While the idea of securing loot seems simple, everything on the way to that is a ton of work. From simply turning on the lights to finding items, players need to be smart with every move.

Every dinosaur has its role. The simple velociraptor can rip players to shreds, but it’s still small and defensive. The T-Rex seems ferocious, but it will likely take a ton of real estate to maneuver.

It doesn’t help that the weather is unpredictable too. Deathground is trying to carve a niche for itself between horror, coop, and survival. The game’s Kickstarter page is still up, so fans who want to pledge can give it their support.

Images courtesy of Jaw Drop Games/Youtube Screenshot

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