‘Dirt 5’ release date delayed, available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The upcoming racing game, Dirt 5, confirms the delay of its release. Moreover, players will be able to access the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Even though Dirt 5 resembles similarity with other racing games, it is still one of the best video games in the market. A thrilling experience comes with the off-road racing features of the game. There will be rallycross and ice racing as well.

Dirt 5 confirms the delay on its official Twitter account

Although the game’s release date was announced several months ago, Dirt 5 made the delay official via Twitter. The game’s developer and publisher, Codemasters, has initially set the release date on October 9. Given the new launch date, Dirt 5 will hit the shelves on October 16. Codemasters has not disclosed any reason for the delay.

However, it appears that the developer needs more time to work on the distribution of the physical copies. Furthermore, the game will not disappoint its followers with game elements added into, especially the story mode feature. Other fans speculated that the reason behind the delay is the outbreak of the pandemic.

Other game companies also suffered at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The game industry temporarily shut down its operation. And the employees adjusted to work at home. With the reduction of productivity, the game industry took the initiative to delay upcoming releases.

Dirt 5 features an expanded career mode

Dirt 5 is one of the long-time running rally racing game from its series. Because of its popularity, players around the world can compete in different locations such as Arizona, Brazil, China, Italy, and even New York City.

In comparison to its predecessors, Dirt 5 is bringing a whole new gaming experience. Players can expect to try on the game’s new career mode, which will include the story mode. Also, the story mode will feature the talent of voice actors Troy Baker and Nolan North.

The new Dirt game is leaving its traditional game elements as it adds a narrative, which is now a common feature on other games. To recall, the previous series focused on standard racing campaigns.

Release date and console availability

In the meantime, players who plan to buy PS5 and Xbox Series X are entitled to a free upgrade if they already bought the game. However, Dirt 5 will introduce 120Hz modes on both PS5 and Xbox Series X. It will also support the full capabilities of high-end PC gaming rigs. PS5 and Xbox Series X releases will come on a later date.

Image Courtesy of DIRT/YouTube Screenshot

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