Discord rejects Microsoft, continues as stand-alone company

The gamer’s favorite chat app, Discord, discontinue the takeover discussion with Microsoft.

Discord intends to go public after closing Microsoft talks. Other organizations also tried to purchase Discord in recent weeks.

Discord declining the big bid

According to personalities intimate with the matter, Microsoft Corp. and video-game chat organization Discord Inc. have ended takeover talks.

Subsequently, news comes after the former chat company declined a $12 billion bid.

Discord is planning on a potential public listing in the extended term, the people said.

However, the sources are refusing identification because the considerations are individual.

Microsoft isn’t the only one

Twitter Inc. also displayed interest in buying the chat app, personalities with information of the matter quoted.

Consequently, other companies considered a takeover or investment in Discord in recent weeks.

These considerations come with few talks considering the chat company as big as $15 billion to $18 billion, the sources further said.

Although, delegates for Discord, Microsoft, and Twitter refused to comment.

The company has also held negotiations with Epic Games Inc. as well as Amazon.com Inc. in history.

The Wall Street Journal former reported on business talks ending.

Discord as the booming Chat App

San Francisco-originated chat app is famous for its free service, allowing gamers to communicate by features like video, voice, and text.

Consequently, during the pandemic, people stuck at home have increasingly used its technology.

Additionally, the Discord saw a growing curving of its use in study groups, dance classes, book clubs, and other virtual meetings.

The company has been expanding its communication tools.

Subsequently, it will turn it into a “place to talk” instead of merely a gamer-centric chat stage.

Is it a loss for Microsoft?

Microsoft continues to be busy on the dealings front.

This month announced it would acquire speech-recognition pioneer Nuance Communications Inc.

Consequently, the deal is to close on an all-cash transaction valued at $19.6 billion.

Last year, it tried to purchase the social-media application TikTok.

Additionally, it held talks to obtain Pinterest Inc.

This news comes as it looked for assets that would provide access to thriving communities of users.

Conclusively, Microsoft’s Xbox market has also been expanding the suite of subscription benefits it presents as part of its Game Pass contribution.

Future for the chat app company

The pipeline goal of the San Francisco-based billion-user chat app-venture remains to be that of becoming an independent entity.

It depends on what people choose to chat on, around the world, in the pandemic-driven normal.


Image courtesy of Optimus/YouTube

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