Dish confirms deal with Mavenir on 5G network build is already underway


On Thursday, Dish Network Corp. confirms its deal with Mavenir and its plan to deploy the OpenRan software as it embarks on its mission to build the country’s first 5G wireless network by 2023.

According to Reuters, the tenor of the announcement made by a Dish spokesperson hints that the satellite and T.V. network provider is inclined to advance its plans of pushing through with the said mission of building its own standalone 5G network. This is in consonance with its vow to the country’s Department of Justice in the previous months after opposing the merger of two top-ranking telecommunication companies in the U.S.

In the same announcement, it named Texas-based network software provider Mavenir, as one of its first vendors which will be collaborating within the next few years. 

Why Dish decided to work with Mavenir

Because it offers open technology and virtualized network solutions, Dish confirms its deal with Mavenir to help build its 5G network in a more cost-efficient way through the former’s low-cost technology and network solutions, as well as its radio station and cell tower independency.

This explains why Dish has previously quantified its network build cost at $10 billion and answers the questions raised by a number of financial analysts who were concerned about why the figure was too low for a project of its kind. 

It appears that Dish is very decisive on this move as it has already entered a multi-year supply agreement with Mavenir. As part of this agreement, Dish will be using Mavenir’s OpenRAN technology solution.

OpenRan’s promise to 5G efficiency

As opposed to the expensive requirements of traditional 5G radio access networks (RAN) currently being deployed by top-ranking telecommunications companies in the U.S. such as AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, and  T-Mobile, Mavenir’s OpenRAN presents “software-based network functions on standard commercial off-the-shelf servers.” 

This means that OpenRAN offers the much-needed flexibility to work with multiple vendors as hardware components, software codes, and interfaces normally come from different vendors bringing forth a constraint in interoperability. 

Mavenir chief executive, Pardeep Kohli, relays that it will be “working with Dish to support the deployment of the world’s largest cloud-native OpenRAN 5G network.

Mavenir’s perceived success in the U.S.

The said network software provider is the first to successfully launch key network applications such as the virtualized VoLTE, VoWiFI, IMS core, RCS, SBC, EPC, and others over the last decade. 

In its new vRAN technology offering, it is worthy to note that before Dish, Mavenir had added already Telefonica and Vodafone as its customers for building 4G/5G networks using the OpenRAN software. 


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Pexels.

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