Dish Network cuts staff, initiates reorg and rethinks current business ties


U.S. satellite TV provider Dish Network Corp. confirms that it has cut an unknown number of employees in preparation for a company reorganization to better cope with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. It is also re-evaluating its current business ties and merges with partner providers.

Dish Network is cutting jobs and making huge business decisions in recourse to the said pandemic. The company has chosen to give out only a few details about this except that the re-evaluation is being applied to all aspects of the business.

According to Reuters, an internal memo from CEO Erik Carlson said, “The pandemic has forced us to take a closer look at every aspect of our business, at our work volumes, our areas of focus and investments, and the performance of our team members. 

Huge changes in place to set the stage for sustainability

In the said memo, it was mentioned that Carlson wants to inform the employees that the decisions made will affect the ‘In-Home Services’ division of the business. 

Dish has been struggling to increase customer retention in some of its TV products in the past. But, it has succeeded in its mobile services. 

Currently, Dish has a benefiting merger with T-Mobile US Inc. and Sprint Corp. A move to sell significant assets to Dish is being discussed by the said providers. This will enable Dish to become part of the exclusive list of the largest wireless providers in the U.S. 

Spectators are mentioning that this move is in correlation to the company’s vision to join in the 5G Race.

The bigger picture

Dish further explains that it aims to transform its business. It wants to ensure sustainability and thrive – especially in the delivery of its services. The layoffs are to cut expenses for an anticipated infrastructure cost.

Dish Network is only one of the many companies in the product and service industry that regularly face shifting consumer preferences.

Reactions from the market and the world

After Reuters released the report, the performance of its market shares suffered and plunged to a measly six percent. 

The move has also caused some to be empathetic to the employees who lost their jobs in this time of crisis. Others are raising their views on how Dish should have given more support to their employees. 


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