Disney is putting their participation in video games again

Disney has always struggled with video games, but this year is theirs.

Video game production houses have been on a roll since the latest releases have been ruled out. The big production houses are going great because of the production houses doing their best to work on franchises that have always been there.

There are some famous Disney-owned characters and franchises which were all over the E3 this year. Some of them tried to sign the resurgence of a powerhouse that is struggling now in video games.

How has Disney managed to get their hands on major production?

One of the main things that have been a concern for Disney for a long time is the gaming sector they have not been able to dominate.

There are some major releases in the works right now and the three major gaming showcases that will prominently feature a major Disney-owned series. Xbox has ruled out a major release for Pirates of the Caribbean, which will be a proper crossover with all the pirates game and, as we can see, ‘Sea of Thieves.

Other releases that are going to cut will be as the blockbuster incoming hits right now. Ubisoft has made their major share of the frame, too, with the partnership done with Disney and a show-closing trailer on the game, which is based loosely on the story of James Cameron’s Avatar series.

Why has Disney not been able to produce hit video games?

Video games are a domain where Disney has not tried their luck for a long time because of the following factors.

One is the Disney franchises have not always been a fan favorite, and something which Disney is known for is censoring their content, and this is what most of the players do not want to notice. Square Enix has even shared their plans regarding the content, and they have shown their eagerness the participate with Disney regarding the new game of Guardians of Galaxy.

One main thing that has been done from Disney’s end is to introduce their participation in mobile games, but they have stumbled across all the big budgets, such as the PC Release.

Developers have said that they are working on all the new numbers, and it will be soon that they will release all the hits, one after the other. Disneys vice president, Sean Shoptaw, has said in a recent interview that they are working on the following leads, and they want to enter the market more robustly.


Image courtesy of Nixian/YouTube

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