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Disney poses as major obstacle for ‘Final Fantasy XIV’, ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Crossover


While a topic that may seem very feasible from the outset, FFXIV creative director, Naoki Yoshida, claims that the “hurdle” for Final Fantasy XIV and Kingdom Hearts is “considerably high” because of Disney.

Throughout its existence as an MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV is a game that has seen its fair share of crossovers from various franchises. Each of which adding some spicy new additions to an already exciting game.

Many crossovers, but no Kingdom Hearts still

Despite that possibility, though, there is a crossover that seems very likely, but for some reason, it simply wouldn’t happen. Particularly, a tie-up between Final Fantasy XIV and Kingdom Hearts. The latter of which already not alien to mingling with Final Fantasy characters, with them being in it. Consequently, leading to the belief that any other crossover outside of the Kingdom Hearts franchise would easily be a done deal.

As it turns out, that is not necessarily the case. Speaking with TheGamer, Naoki Yoshida makes for an open explanation as to why the anticipation is not as simple to fulfill.

Not a full Square Enix IP

Part of the problem, as it appears, boils down to the ownership of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. With Disney being co-part in its being, primarily through the employ of various Disney IPs, the series is, technically, not in full ownership by Square Enix.

Kingdom Hearts is not owned solely by Square Enix, but also belongs to Disney.”

Which indeed does makes sense. Both Disney and Kingdom Hearts actually do have individual stakes in the franchise. Obviously, this is evidenced by the hodgepodge of their IPs within the series. The latter did not necessarily buy the license to make Donald, Goofy, and the entire Disney creations to make them appear in-game. The same is also true when speaking on the complete opposite.

An enduring mystery

Why Disney is posing as a hindrance than a willing participant in a potential collaboration is a mystery, however. Yoshida did not necessarily disclose the reason why aside from the fact that it will make Disney a lot of convincing to make the idea fruition.

The issue becomes more mind-boggling still when put from a business perspective, considering any sort of marketing is a welcome drive for a franchise that Disney would also benefit in. As to why the Western company would not want the idea of it simply does not make good sense.

However, being a Blizzard fan, Naoki Yoshida appears keen on making a business collaboration with the WoW or Diablo-fame company. A prospect that, indeed, could see Final Fantasy XIV seeing crossovers between any of the two franchises.

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