Disney pushes back Pixar’s ‘Soul’ theatrical release date to November


Spectators of Pixar’s upcoming animated adventure film Soul will have to wait until November 20 as Disney postpones theatrical release set on June 19.

According to a report, entertainment conglomerate Disney explains how the coronavirus lockdown has changed the theatrical release dates for most of its upcoming films.

In the report, it is found that a major shuffle was done to the studio’s release calendar. Much of these changes were affected by the government restrictions brought upon by the coronavirus pandemic.

As it appears, Soul is just one of the many films that have been affected by this. While the studio is considering a release on digital platforms, it was decided that they could wait for the reopening of the big screens for better viewing experience. Fortunately, followers of Disney found the delays understandable.

A film about revisiting our passions

The film is led by Pete Docter, who also directed Monsters, Inc. back in 2001. It follows a middle-aged musician and middle-school music teacher who lost his passion for music. Though he dreams of someday being a performer, he just could not find his big break.

One day, an opportunity comes knocking on his door, and he takes a neighborhood stroll on a normal day only to get into an accident by falling into one of the city’s manholes. His soul is then transported out of his body into the “You Seminar,” where he meets 22, an infant soul eager to learn about herself. He teams up with her as he tries to return to his body on Earth.

The film makes one think of the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and passions while there is still time. Musicians and artists alike can relate to the transcript of the film as if they are being hit by a bullet straight to the heart.

Is all this living really worth living for?

Anyone who has watched the trailer would have noticed this particular phrase mentioned in one part of the film. Since the film talks about the soul and its perspective of the workings behind it, other subjects have also been brought up in the movie, like ‘The Great Beyond.” Philosophically, this film indeed causes one to have a deep introspection about how his life has been lived so far, and what lies beyond it.

As spectators wait in anticipation of the film’s release in November, Disney gives its viewers an assurance that it will continue to work hard to make sure that this adventure film meets expectations.

Feature image used courtesy of Pixar/Youtube Screenshot.

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