Disneyland parks in California delay reopening due to coronavirus surge

Disneyland parks in California delay reopening due to coronavirus surge

Disney is delaying the opening of its California-based theme parks beyond July 17. Other Disneyland parks are scheduled to open at an earlier date while some have already opened.

As Disney tries to transition to the new normal after months of closing down its parks and resorts, it looks like some parts are not ready to reopen yet.

In a statement from Disney, they plan to do a phased reopening on July 9 for Disneyland Resort as well as reopening of Theme Parks on July 17.

However, this is not the case for California, as COVID-19 cases continued to rise. As per data from Johns Hopkins University, Los Angeles County has almost reached 90,000 cases.

Shanghai and Hong Kong operate at minimal capacity

Last month, Shanghai Disneyland reopened its doors to the public since January. They implemented a 30% visitor capacity in their theme parks, per CNBC.

This week, Hong Kong Disneyland was able to open its doors after five months, and CNBC was able to go inside the theme park during the pandemic. They observed that these parks have implemented both health and social distancing measures as well.

As for Disneyland Paris, they are scheduled to reopen on July 15 since its mid-March suspension. They will also implement safety measures in line with the guidelines from the French government.

In the case of California, it looks like it will not happen anytime soon because of the chaos that is going on around the U.S. starting from the trade deal confusion that was brought about this week.

California governor terrified over the sudden spike

CNN has reported that the U.S. state is breaking records in terms of cases due to the people not observing social distancing measures.

In fact, Governor Gavin Newsom is alarmed with the recent spike starting on Tuesday, wherein California reported an increase of more than 7,000 cases in a day.

Newsom also scolded residents who are hosting private gatherings in which he told CNN:

“Many of us understandably developed a little cabin fever. Some of us, I would argue, developed a little amnesia. Others have just frankly taken down their guard.”

He also warned the young people who tested positive for the virus that they should be more careful even if they don’t show signs of the virus as they could also have asymptomatic tendencies.

In addition, it is also unclear if protests had an impact on the spike according to Los Angeles County Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer as they have not been able to pinpoint the exact source.

Ending the week, markets in Asia and Europe have surged higher despite the rise in coronavirus cases and economists shall see if it will also affect the U.S. markets before the weekend starts.

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