Displeased look for Park Bo Gum in ‘Record of Youth’

Newly released stills ahead of the upcoming episode of tvN’s Record of Youth.

Amid struggling to achieve the character’s love and dreams, Park Bo Gum continued to show his feelings for Ahn Jung Ha. As Sa Hye Joon is rising to his fame, things will start to complicate their relationship.


Sa Hye Joon (Park bo Gum) puts himself on the map as a star after he struggled in achieving his dream to be an actor. With the efforts of his previous agency, CEO Lee Tae Su wanted to block his appearances.

But Sa Hye Joon made a name for himself and appeared in the medical drama entitled “Gateway” with Lee Hyun Soo.

Despite the busy life as an actor, Sa Hye Joon did not forget his relationship with Ahn Jung Ha. The viewers’ curiosity is mounting up whether the couple will be able to continue their relationship or not.

Adding up in their problem is Sa Hye Joon’s rising fame, which will hinder their relationship.


“Normal Person”

From the released stills of Sa Hye Joon, he is at the press conference to release his new movie Normal Person. The film instills a new beginning for Sa Hye Joon.

He previously intended to give up on his acting career and enlist in the military to complete his mandatory service.

In the backstage, Lee Min Jae, the manager of Sa Hye Joon, supported him with affirmations and applause. However, Tae Su and Do Ha looked at Sa Hye Joon with displeasure because of Sa Hye Joon’s success.

Park Do Ha felt slightly irritated that even he is the film’s main character, Hye Joon, receives more attention.

What to expect for Park Bo Gum in the next episode?

The production team hinted that Sa Hye Joon would continue to grab the opportunities given to him with his stardom. The second half of the drama will heat up, as Sa Hye Joon, Won Hae Hyo, and Ahn Jung Ha will experience changes after facing a problem along the way.

Image courtesy of The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

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