Do people still play ‘Among Us’? Player’s fact and figure

A new report regarding the famous game Among Us has shown that players eagerly play the game and have shown rising figures.

Among Us, the viral video game has attracted many players this year. But as everything good thing comes to an end, the game has seen its fair share of downfall as well.

A new chart shows that there are players who still play this game. A lot of additional players are joining the community as well.

What is going on?

New numbers regarding Nielson’s SuperData have shown something regarding the viral video game. It shows that the players have had about 500 million users in November 2020 alone.

The monthly number of players for the game tends to rise now and then. The figure also shows that every day about 20% of new players are registered to the game.

For a mobile game, the monthly number of players is quite a lot. Here are the numbers compared to other video games which were peaked in popularity from their release.

  • The numbers are higher than Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is an AI-based game that lets players chase pokemons and catch them. The number of players for Among Us is still higher than Candy Crush Saga as well.
  • Reports have shared that monthly new fans of the game have accounted for 300 million. This is more than enough for new games.
  • The mobile indeed has a mobile preference over PC. Only 3% of the players play this game on their PC. Other than the same, most of the players are logged in through their mobile.

Are there more users coming to the game?

Among Us has become a popular game since its discovery and players playing on Twitch streams. The game was released way back but gained its popularity in 2020.

The game lets players be divided into two halves. There are 10 players, and they are categorized as crewmates and imposters.

A game can have as many imposters as the players want, but most game chooses to have two.

The game calls for teamwork as crewmates have to solve the tasks and win the game.

Imposter’s job is to create hurdles for the players. Many early rumblings showed that a sequel of Among Us is going to be released.

But developers have shunned the rumors. They have shared that they are working on adding better features to the already existing game.

As the game is growing, so is the community supporting the game through its ups and downs.


Image courtesy of Miguel Lagoa/Shutterstock

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