‘Do You Like Brahms?’ allows fans to take peek on new episode

Do You Like Brahms? unveiled a new mesmerizing look for its upcoming episode.

The romance drama Do You Like Brahms? revolves around classical musicians. Kim Min Jae will play the world-renowned pianist named Park Joon Young. The actor’s role struggles between achieving his dreams and the harsh realities he faces in pursuing his love for music.

On the other hand, Park Eun Bin acts the part of Chae Song Ah, an aspiring violinist that first puts her career than friends.

Do You Like Brahms? spoilers

Chae Song Ah always worked hard to catch up from her late start in the music industry. In the previous episode, Chae Song Ah was again put down because she messed up during a practice session.

Park Joon Young came across with Chae Song Ah and played a trio with Lee Jung Kyung. The three characters perfectly harmonize with each other and instantly felt disheartened by the gap between their unimaginable talent and hard work.

The cold reality

In the upcoming episode, Chae Song Ah finds herself coming to terms with the cold reality of being in the music scene. Park Joon Young’s hand gently extended to rest on top of Chae Song Ah’s hand as the couple is seated beside each other.

Chae Song Ah looks at Park Joon Young with her eyes shining brightly as Park Joon Young clasps her hand in comfort. Furthermore, Park Joon Young is making an effort to comfort Chae Song Ah by playing the piano.

He also gave her a CD signed with her name on it. His actions on the stills do not need words as he shows his undying support through simple gestures.

Torn between reality and comfort

The episode showcases Chae Song Ah battles the reality of life while trying to ignore and focus more on her music passion. Moreover, the bittersweet emotion wave will start to flood out for Chae Song Ah, as she faces the chaos receives warm comfort from Park Joon Young.

Image courtesy of KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

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