Doc Rivers, 76ers join forces for the next 5 years

Doc Rivers, 76ers join forces for the next 5 years

Doc Rivers and the Philadelphia 76ers have come to an agreement for the former to fill the head coaching position of the team.

Two of the biggest upsetting news during the Playoffs are the sweep of the 76ers and the 3-1 upset of the Los Angeles Clippers. Both teams are similarly situated. They both have a strong starting five with deep benches. The Clips and the 76ers also had coaches that turned their teams around.

Unfortunately, both teams also have failed to find success in the Playoffs. As a result, both head coaches of the team have been sacked from their positions.

Doc Rivers lands 76ers head coaching position

Doc Rivers’ so-called free agency didn’t last long. In less than a week after the Clippers and Rivers parted ways, the 76ers immediately went to work. The Sixers organization didn’t waste time. Instead, they made their intentions in hiring a proven coach clear from the getgo. As a result, they were able to land Doc Rivers as their head coach.

The deal is reportedly a 5-year contract for the 58-year-old coach. He started with his head coaching career in 1999 with the Orlando Magic. After this, he was signed by the Boston Celtics en route to his first-ever NBA championship as a coach. Rivers was then signed by the Clippers after the debacle in the trouble organization.

Fortunately, Rivers will not have to fix the organization of the Sixers from the ground up. Instead, he will just have to use the pieces given to him. Elton Brand has proven to be a capable general manager that can draw quality players in. Now, it will be up to Rivers to introduce a winning culture in the locker room.

Chemistry of Embiid and Simmons will be key to winning

Doc Rivers has handled several superstar caliber players in his stint as a head coach. He has handled superteams as well. As such, Rivers’ job in the Sixers’ organization will not be new to him. He’ll have to manage the egos of Simmons and Embiid moving forward.

If he gets to unlock the true potential of the duo, the Sixers will truly be a threat in the East. They have the cornerstone pieces of a winning organization, but there are skeletons in the closet that need to be swept clean.

Based on this bold move by the Sixers, it seems like Embiid and Simmons will be there to stay. Hiring Doc Rivers just to let go of either of the two will be a complete waste of effort. After all, Embiid welcomed Rivers by saying,

“Welcome to the city of Brotherly Love Coach @DocRivers !!!! Excited for the future and what we’re building here #PhillyForever”

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