‘Doctor Strange 2’ hints ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ phase 4 movie

Doctor Strange 2 is shaping up to be the phase 4 movie of Marvel’s Avengers due to its multiverse stories. True enough, a lot of MCU characters are teaming up with Dr. Strange.

After the successful release of the first movie, a sequel has immediately reached a lot of fans. Doctor Strange 2 entitled, Doctor Strange in Multiverse Madness, is currently in development. Moreover, Cumberbatch has confirmed that they will soon start filming in late October or early November. While the first installment is already quite popular, the add-up of other MCU heroes for the second film is very much anticipated.

Furthermore, the sequel will also explore the storylines from the other MCU heroes in the multiverse version.

“Doctor Strange 2” could be the Avengers phase 4 movie

While Marvel’s Avengers had initially announced the phase 4 movie in 2019, fans are quick to speculate that it will be part of the Doctor Strange sequel. Cumberbatch’s movie is a solo film. However, it features the return of the famous MCU characters.

Scarlet Witch is confirmed to join the team-up. Scarlet Witch is even theorized as a villain in the sequel. This also leads to more speculations on the return of Marvel’s Avengers characters. On the other hand, Loki and Spider-Man are suspected of appearing too.

For now, Marvels remains silent on the final hero team-up, as well as the threat that they will be facing. But the involvement of the multiverse level could only mean that the heroes will be facing bigger enemies than that of the Avengers movie.

Benedict Cumberbatch will film “Spider-Man 3” before “Doctor Strange”

Cumberbatch has recently confirmed his back-to-back team up with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. In the absence of Tony Stark, Dr. Strange becomes a mentor to Peter Parker. The two characters show great chemistry during the Avengers: Infinity War.

Spider-Man 3 films this October in Atlanta and Dr. Strange will film in London. As of the moment, Cumberbatch has not revealed which location to shoot his scenes for the Spider-Man movie.

Furthermore, Cumberbatch will fight against the return of Electro, played by Jamie Fox. The villain character first appeared in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It featured Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. The return of Electro is somehow a part of Dr. Strange’s doing, although nothing yet is official.

Release date

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will arrive on March 25, 2022. Meanwhile, Spider-Man 3 will air on Dec. 17, 2021.  Although, the coronavirus pandemic can easily move the dates.

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