‘Doctor Strange 2’ will extend Wanda’s story even further

WandaVision director Matt Shakman revealed that Scarlet Witch’s story would continue even further into Doctor Strange 2.

While talking to TVLine, Matt Shakman recently said that Doctor Strange 2 would carry forward Wanda’s storytelling. Because “there’s a lot more” to her story as per the WandaVision director.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is currently filming in London.

Wanda’s journey will extend further in ‘Doctor Strange 2’

While speaking about how deep Wanda’s character arc is, Shakman said a lot more to be told.

“We were trying to tell a complete story in terms of the narrative around Westview, N.J., and we hope that there’s some resolution to that story and that it is satisfying and also surprising for the fans,” he said.

However, after the finale of WandaVision, the long journey of the Scarlet Witch will carry on in Doctor Strange 2. Matt Shakman mentioned that the Disney Plus series “is only one part of a very complicated and vibrant life.”

So it seems like Doctor Strange 2 will also deal with a lot of stuff from Scarlet’s chaotic journey.

He also hoped for fans to get a satisfying conclusion with the final WandaVision episode in some previous media interactions.

The ninth chapter of the Marvel show arrives this Friday on the Disney+ streaming platform.

Upcoming MCU titles

Meanwhile, the entire cinematic universe is currently gearing up for a new future amid a pandemic. Yes, there was a significant pause, but now it looks like the situation is, somehow, improving.

Fans got to see fresh MCU content with WandaVision earlier this year. And they will keep getting more in the coming months.

This month itself will reveal another new Marvel title in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The show stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in leading roles.

Entering May, there will be an arrival of the highly-anticipated Black Widow movie. But its theatrical release, along with other MCU films like Shang-Chi and Eternals, seems uncertain.

Due to increasing COVID-19 cases, the majority of cinema halls are still closed. And if the circumstances don’t change, then there won’t be a possibility of a traditional release.

Moving further then there will be many other Marvel projects making their debut in the future. Some of the most-awaited names are Spider-Man: No Way Home, Thor 4, Captain Marvel 2, and Doctor Strange 2.

There are multiple TV shows also set to arrive by next year in large quantities.

Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Hawkeye, Secret Invasion, and Armor Wars will stream on the Disney Plus service.


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