Doctors and nurses are sharing TikTok videos to defy Coronavirus

On the internet, videos of dancing doctors and nurses have been going viral in the past week. Intended to spread joy to patients amidst coronavirus outbreak, these videos have reached patients and families as well as affected communities globally.

According to Tech Times, the following videos which have taken the internet by storm has reached millions of views around the world with viewers reacting and gleefully sharing them to their communities in other social media sites and platforms.

Conquering coronavirus – 15 seconds at a time

Dubbed as “The TikTok Doctor,” a resident physician from Oregon Health and Science University in the person of Dr. Jason Campbell records dance videos on upbeat TikTok songs with his workmates and fellows in the medical field.

Kala Baker, a nurse from a local hospital in Springfield, Missouri, also shares a video of her and her colleagues dancing in the beats of the “madiprew” song in TikTok. Her team aims to inspire and bring joy to coronavirus patients and their families who are going through difficult and trying times because of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, in New York, a doctor named Dr. Ee Tay spends her birthday in a more meaningful way as she leads a fundraising donation program to give at least 150 iPad tables to coronavirus patients.

Unexpectedly, others have joined Tay in raising funds for this program, and they have gathered enough to buy at least 650 iPad tablets to be distributed soon in hospitals.

An online support system for quarantined patients and their families

While it is a fact that coronavirus patients are being quarantined to prevent a larger outbreak, only a few realize how emotionally and mentally devastating it is for the patients who are going through the sickness and the isolation firsthand.

Doctors and nurses have shared their sentiments online on how these patients die alone without even talking to their loved ones after weeks of isolation.

As opposed to the notion that these TikTok dance videos are made just to gather attention and views, they are shared to show philanthropy and support and to lift the dejected spirits of affected patients and their families who are going through a phase more difficult than we can imagine.

Boosted morale

Reactions and comments from viewers indicate that more and more patients feel supported because of these viral videos. Although they are in physical pain, they feel more warmed up and comforted by the amazing amount of support and prayers from these doctors and nurses around the world.

Setting an example for others to follow

Originally aimed to bring smiles to forlorn patients, the genuine sentiments being shared by these TikTok videos inspire more important values such as kindness, empathy, and caring for others.

It is without a doubt that the generation of today will rise from this pandemic as better, more compassionate altruists.


Featured image courtesy of CBS News/YouTube Screenshot

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