Does BLACKPINK’s Lisa inspire aespa Ningning’s AI avatar?

The newly introduced girl group of SM Entertainment is undeniably gaining attention from the netizens. After the reveal of the AI avatar of Ningning, several fans are speculating that its features are from another group.

Even before the new SM Entertainment girl group’s debut, aespa became an instant head-turner due to its unique AI avatar concept.

Every group member has their computer-generated counterpart and is designed to be an artificial intelligence version of them.

With the many speculations about the new AI of the aespa member Ningning, questions arise whether her computer-generated self’s visual is based on the features of BLACKPINK’s Lisa or not.

The powerful vocalist

The teaser about the aespa member Ningning was already released. With just a short clip, Ningning exhibited her immense vocal prowess. Fans can presume that she is the main vocalist of the group with what she showed.

The new female idol already appeared in singing survival shows from being a trainee for four years. She also aspired to collaborate with SM Entertainment’s vocal legend Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation one day.

However, in the revelation of the avatar of Ningning, many were shocked by how it looked. SM Entertainment also released the AI counterpart of Winter last week, but it resembles her from her visuals, even her hair and outfit.

Avatar mismatch?

Meanwhile, the avatar of Ningning doesn’t seem to have similarities with her at all from a visual standpoint.

While the idol’s hair in the teaser is black, æ-Ningning has blonde hair and bangs with purple tips. Aside from that, the outfits of the two are entirely different.

Another observation from fans is æ-Ningning doesn’t look much like her real-life 18-year-old counterpart. And what fans saw is an avatar from a member of another girl group: BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s avatar?

As observed, Ningning’s AI character has the full, thick bangs that Lisa is known for. Although the BLACKPINK member doesn’t have purple ombré hair, she has already shown off multiple blonde shades.

More of it, æ-Ningning’s outfit in the teaser bears a striking resemblance to the fit Lisa wore during the 2018 SBS Gayo Daejun.

Putting all aside, the avatar’s styling could also hint that Ningning will debut with an ombré look with bangs! Who knows!

Watch the full teaser of Ningning here:

Image courtesy of aespa/YouTube Screenshot

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