Does Wombat EOS wallet and dApp explorer live up to the hype?


Wombat is an EOS exchange and wallet decentralized app (dApp) that allows users to create EOS accounts for free. It also serves as a mini-hub for EOS-related games. But is it really as easy to use as it claims to be?

When it comes to the wallet function of the EOS app, Wombat does one thing best: It ensures you have secure and efficient transactions on the EOS cryptocurrency platform.

Wombat currently supports 22 different cryptocurrencies, including APX, BEAN, CHEX, and EOS. 

How do I get an account with Wombat?


It is fairly easy to create an account with Wombat:

  1. Download the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. If you’re on a desktop, you can use Google Chrome and get the Wombat browser extension.
  2. Sign up for an account using Facebook, Google, or Twitter for easier access later on.
  3. Select a game inside the Wombat app to start interacting with the EOS blockchain.

Alternatively, you can just use the app to buy, send, or receive different cryptocurrencies.

What are the games and applications that Wombat currently supports on its EOS hub?

Wombat currently supports four types of applications: games, social media, publishing (under the “MEDIA” category), and finance. All of these applications give the user a certain amount of EOS upon use, which we will discuss in further reviews.

For now, let it suffice to say that Wombat is a very flexible program for its stated purposes.

How does Wombat provide free access to EOS for its users?

The app itself “lends” one EOS per user, which gives the user enough CPU and NET to do many of the functions in Wombat, as well as in the games that it links to.

There will be times when the player is required to stake more EOS to gain more CPU. This becomes useful in games that have less “natural” CPU, such as EOS Knights.

However, as of the moment, there are a number of mobile games and peripheral applications that do not require the player to invest more EOS anymore to operate their accounts inside those applications.

Games such as EOS Dynasty give huge in-game incentives for players who have logged on to the game using Wombat; it seems that the developers of these games have recognized the value of using the exchange app in their games.

The verdict

The app is so easy to use, and it provides an additional layer of security for the user by creating a secure backup of your private key. Gameplay-wise, it runs generally smoothly and is engaging even for newbie players.

The app also has proven to be quite handy and gives a strong introduction to the use of EOS in blockchain-powered games.

In sum, Wombat has more than achieved its purpose through the use of clean design, efficient transactions, and responsive interfaces – more than enough reasons to see what all the buzz is about.

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Featured image courtesy of Medium / Wombat Blog / EOS Dynasty

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