Dolby Atmos, Vision have two-year exclusivity deal on Xbox Series X|S


Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision were, reportedly, exclusive to the Xbox Series X|S for two years.

Players seeking to experience the current best in gaming in both audio and visuals could get it on the Xbox Series X|S. This comes after a blog was posted at the French Xbox Wire, which reveals an exclusivity deal between Dolby and Microsoft.

Immersive Experience

Atmos and Vision were a proprietary technology designed to boost the immersion in games through outstanding audio and visual output. This means that those other platforms that weren’t currently in support are significantly behind when it comes to truly immersive gameplay experience through audio and visual cues.

Dolby Atmos, with surround sound as its bedrock, offers superior 3D audio capabilities. The kind that will make an encounter with some of the most intense games more intensive through vivid sounds. For instance, explosive sounds generated in Call of Duty will have varying qualities depending on the player’s distance and location from the source.

Dolby Vision, on the other hand, offers excellent graphics by taking advantage of the display’s underlying capabilities. This is most appropriate among 4K TVs whose hidden potential remains relatively poorly tapped. In-game, this reflects as imageries that mimic how we would see things in reality through sharp pictures and high contrasts. The difference is made most ostensive when comparing the visual fidelity between SDR and HDR in gaming.


However, being merely an owner of Microsoft’s current-gen game console does not give users the advantage of the technologies. For those seeking to encounter the best-quality possible audio will have to shell $15 for a license fee or otherwise purchase the famous Xbox Wireless Headset. Doing the latter will give consumers the benefit of experiencing Atmos for free until September this year.

As for Vision, one of the primary requirements is that the player must be a part of Xbox Insider Program. This means that they should be willing to play the role of pre-release testers of developing applications. That is, similar to how Vision remains experimental on the part of Microsoft. For some, becoming an Alpha member of the program comes with a perk of being able to experience apps before anyone else. But not everyone gets to become an Alpha member considering the platform’s invite-only model. To take advantage of Dolby Vision for the qualified user, having the right display makes for the only next requirement.

There is no guarantee that both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision will make it to other platforms once the deal with Microsoft expires, however. Although that possibility is never truly away from reality.

Image used courtesy of LG Global/YouTube Screenshot

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