Domino’s Pizza hacked, 1M credit card details leaked

A popular pizza outlet seems to have fallen victim to a cyber attack. More than 18 million orders of Domino’s data are available on the dark web, per report. 

DOMINO’S— As digital sales rose as the outcome of the COVID-19 epidemic, the prospect of information piracy got with it. Of new, there must exist many high-profile information flows—Facebook, Mobikwik, Upstox, to mention merely a few.

Presently, millions of reports from Domino’s India, the country’s most comprehensive pizza transmission string. It has supposedly been set up for trade on the deep web by fraudsters. 

Alon Gal, the co-founder, and the Chief Technology Officer at cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock, first identified the problem. 

However, here is a description of a cyber attack on pizza chain brand Domino’s India. After this attack, many users’ data have been leaked. And these data are being sold on the hacker’s forum Dark Web.

Cyber ​​Attack on Domino’s Pizza

According to the report, more than 18 million orders of Domino’s data are available on the dark web. This data leak took place earlier this month, but no news was given to the customers.

Clearly, Rajshekhar Rajaharia, a nonpartisan internet security explorer, allegedly leaked 20 crore order articles from Domino’s India server. As reported by Rajaharia, the information covered mobile numbers, email, names, addresses, payment types, and friendly login details. Nevertheless, he trusts the dump does not have economic details.

In this data leak, along with customer data, the entire horoscope of about 250 employees of the company. Some company files have also been leaked, which is about 13TB in size, although Domino’s has not said anything on this matter so far.

Apart from this, Alon Gal, who runs the cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock, has given information about this data leak by tweeting. He has claimed that hackers are selling this data for about 0.57 Million USD (Rs 4.25 crore). This data leak contains 10 lakh credit card information and complete details of 18 crore orders.

Domino’s database likely hacked

It should be noted that the data leak includes all the information like the customer’s credit/debit card information and mobile number, name, email ID, address, and payment details. Also, the company’s own files from 2015 to 2021 have been stolen.

According to a message posted on the dark web, hackers want to create a search portal through these data where people can search for leaked data. Jubilant Foodworks operates Domino’s India, which owns the franchise of Domino’s Pizza. It confirmed there had been an information security problem lately. 

However, the report by IBM says earlier this year that India viewed the second most maximum cyberattacks after Japan in the Asia Pacific region in 2020.  


Image courtesy of CNBC/YouTube

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