Don McLean setting aside $1 million for wedding to Playboy model Paris Dylan: rumor

Don McLean setting aside $1 million for wedding to Playboy model Paris Dylan: Rumor

Don McLean is allegedly shelling out a million dollars to marry his Playmate model girlfriend, Paris Dylan, according to a report.

Don McLean and Paris Dylan have been together for four years already. There are rumors that they are already planning to tie the knot and the American Pie singer is willing to shell out $1 million for their big day.

Don McLean and Paris Dylan $1 million wedding rumor

Don McLean, 75, wants to get married to his girlfriend, Paris Dylan, 27, and he is setting aside $1 million for their big day, National Enquirer reported. They have been together for almost five years already, and they are happy with each other despite the huge age gap.

McLean is 48 years her senior, but she is reportedly happy to spend the rest of her life with him. The outlet quoted an unnamed source claiming that he is willing to spend a fortune to give his girlfriend the best wedding. He wants to have a nice venue and one-of-a-kind dress for his bride-to-be.

However, Enquirer drastically changed its story because last week, it also claimed that the couple’s romance was on the rocks after Dylan was spotted with another man. However, Gossip Cop debunked the report because McLean wasn’t bothered about it as it was only part of a photo shoot.

Wedding rumors true or not?

Don McLean spoke with Enquirer about the wedding reports, and he denied that they are getting married anytime soon. However, he is also not closing his doors about the possibility of tying the knot with Paris Dylan.

“Any man would be very lucky to marry” Dylan, he said. However, they have no plans to exchange “I Do’s” at the time. But “that could change at any time,” he added.

McLean told People that they have no plans to ever break up. In fact, they are both committed to staying together as long as they can. Apparently, despite the lack of concrete wedding plans, McLean is seeing a long-term future with his current love. Since there are no active wedding plans, Gossip Cop concluded that the wedding rumors were false.

What did Don say about his girlfriend?

Don McLean said love is the most important one can have, and one has to love somebody. For him, hate is a burden. McLean said he loves his children and his girlfriend before adding, “I’m crazy for her.”

McLean also said Dylan is the most wonderful person he has ever known. In fact, according to him, he thinks of her when he sings a lot of his songs, especially when he sings his self-penned masterpiece And I Loved You So.

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