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Donald Trump accuses Joe Biden of drug abuse


US President Donald Trump accused Joe Biden of drug abuse last Sept. 15, Tuesday. He cited Biden’s recent improvement in the presidential debates as the reason.

The Republican, Donald Trump, who is impressively behind the polls, said that “something was strange” with his political opponent, Joe Biden, as he shows sudden improvement in the Democratic primary season debates.

According to Trump, when many candidates lined up on stage, Biden was a disaster and incompetent. But when he was up against Bernie Sanders, he handled the debate completely fine.

“He’s taking something or you know, gives him some clarity, or whatever,” he said, as reported by News 18.

However, Trump has no concrete evidence as of now to back up his claims.

Biden earlier accused Trump of not handling the coronavirus pandemic well. He cited his new book and said that Trump betrayed Americans, knowingly lying about the deadlines.

As per The Hindustan Times, Trump says a vaccine will arrive in less than a month.

Allegations by Trump

However, this is not the first time Trump has used accusations to demean other presidential candidates, especially Biden.

Previously, he accused Biden of being “mentally unstable,” saying that he is suffering a mental decline.

Trump believes that Biden’s lifelong struggle with stuttering and his reluctance to take unscripted questions hint towards his mental instability.

Trump has demanded that Biden undergo a drug test before the presidential debates on Sept. 29, 2020.

He also claims that he is ready to undergo a drug test as well.

US Presidential Elections updates

The recent surge in claims and allegations is, of course, not meaningless. The allegations came when the elections are in full swing, and Trump would want to secure another term as the President of the United States.

In a Financial Times report, Biden is polling ahead of President Donald Trump in major states.

Moreover, national polls show that Biden is at a significant advantage over Trump. White seniors, in particular, a group that led to the victory of Trump back in 2016, has now sided with Biden because of how the current POTUS handled the pandemic.

The coronavirus has drastically changed the voters’ behavior and priorities, which could be a big issue for Trump since the United States is one of the leading countries with the highest number of COVID-19 cases.

In retribution, Trump has made tons of Republican policies in the past few weeks, a classic move from Trump, cramming all the significant systems before the national elections.

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