Donald Trump allegedly sees illness as ‘display of unforgivable weakness’, niece claims

Donald Trump allegedly sees illness as 'display of unforgivable weakness', niece claims

Donald Trump announced last week that he and his wife Melania tested positive for COVID-19. His niece Mary Trump said the POTUS sees illness as a “display of unforgivable weakness.”

Donald Trump and his niece Mary Trump have a falling-out. In fact, she published a book against the president and the latter denied her claims in the publication. Mary released another statement after the POTUS tested positive for coronavirus.

Donald Trump sees illness as a weakness

Mary Trump, the niece of Donald Trump, said the United States is “in a horrible place.” She spoke about the president and their family and how they allegedly treated illnesses after the POTUS positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

“That’s why we’re in the horrible place we’re in, because he cannot admit to the weakness of being ill or of other people being ill,” Mary told NPR’s All Things Considered per The Guardian.

Mary shared that Mr. Trump’s father, Fred Trump Sr., also viewed illnesses as “unacceptable.”

“Which sounds incredibly cruel, but happens to be true,” she said.

Mary recounted this belief when her grandmother, who had osteoporosis, would return from the hospital for physical therapy. Her grandfather wouldn’t tolerate it.

When Fred Sr. was in the same room as his wife and she would show signs of physical pain, he would immediately dismiss it. He would tell her “everything’s great, right” and leave the room.

Mary’s tell-all memoir

A few months ago, Mary Trump released a tell-all memoir dishing about their family’s secret. Her book detailed the problematic ties within the Trump family.

According to her, President Donald Trump looked down on her father, his own brother, Fred Trump Jr. Meanwhile, her grandfather Fred Trump Sr., hated her mom for her dad’s drinking problem.

Fred Sr. also allegedly hated Mary for her disrespectful nature because she showed up wearing a baggy sweater.

Mary’s status as an outcast in the family culminated in 1999 after Fred Sr.’s death. She and her brother learned that they had been cut out of the family’s will.

The dispute over the will led to a court battle shielded by a confidentiality agreement that she adhered to for nearly 20 years, The New York Times reported.

Trump denied Mary’s allegations

Donald Trump reacted to Mary Trump’s book in a tweet. According to the POTUS, she is a “seldom seen niece who knows little about me.”

He added that that Mary’s claims about his wonderful parents were not true and she violated the NDA. She also broke the law by giving out Trump’s tax returns.

“She’s a mess!” Trump concluded about Mary.


Image used courtesy of 60 Minutes Australia/YouTube Screenshot

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