Donald Trump allegedly unfit to be president, ‘Simpsons’ gives 50 reasons why

Donald Trump allegedly unfit to be president, 'Simpsons' gives 50 reasons why

Donald Trump is allegedly not fit to be the U.S. president and The Simpsons provide 50 reasons why the POTUS’ re-election is not wise in its Treehouse of Horror clip.

Donald Trump is back on track for his re-election efforts. In fact, he just made a rally in Florida. However, many are also campaigning against his re-election. Variety had an exclusive first look of The Simpsons 31st installment with a Halloween-themed episode which opens on Election Day 2020.

Donald Trump allegedly unfit for the presidency

In the episode, Marge calls Homer and reminds him to vote. He immediately gets into the polling station just in time to vote. He seems decided except for the presidential race.

Lisa is perplexed why her dad is still undecided. Homer can only remember one headline in 2016 and it is about Faye Dunaway giving Oscar to the wrong movie and she is never seen again.

Then a scroll listing what Donald Trump did or say in the past years making him unfit for presidency appears on the screen. There is a long list including putting children in cages, calling Mexicans rapists, imitating a disabled reporter, calling Jewish people who vote for Democrat disloyal, refusing to release tax returns, destroying democracy and more.

Trump doesn’t need the job

Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump said that his father loses a fortune for running for president. He also detailed the various criticisms the POTUS faced daily when he was fighting for the people and the country. Eric was unhappy with his dad’s critics and said that Trump doesn’t need the job in the first place.

“My father lost a fortune running for president,” Eric said in a clip shared by TMZ.

“He doesn’t care. He wanted to do what was right. The last thing Donald Trump needs in the world is this job.”

POTUS criticized for public outings after COVID-19 diagnosis

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump announced that he and his wife, Melania Trump, tested positive for COVID-19. But he is already fine. He reported no symptoms of coronavirus and the White House doctor already cleared him to go out in public. Trump has also tested negative in his recent tests.

However, many were not happy with the way the president treated the virus. In one speech, he said he felt so powerful and would give everybody a big, fat kiss. Many also disapproved of his campaign rallies because the potential superspreading events could spread the virus.

“Trump painted a deeply dishonest picture of the nation’s battle with the disease, mocked former Vice President Joe Biden over social distancing and vowed victory on November 3 as he began a frantic push to Election Day, marked by multiple rallies a day that could act as superspreader events,” Stephen Collinson wrote.

CNN political reporter Maeve Reston shared Collinson’s opinion. For her, Trump didn’t learn his lesson after contracting the virus.


Image used courtesy of CBC News/YouTube Screenshot

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