Donald Trump believes US election results will end up in Supreme Court

Donald Trump believes US election results will end up in Supreme Court

It appears that President Donald Trump won’t “commit to a peaceful transfer of power” after the U.S. election results. He says it might end up in Supreme Court.

The current POTUS Donald Trump is very keen on his stand on mail-in ballot fraud. In fact, he strongly believes that there will be a rigged election. However, his claims lack suppletory evidence, as many publications have pointed out.

In his latest press briefing, he reiterated the same “dilemma.” He insisted that the “ballots are a disaster.”

No transfer will happen?

The New York Times narrates his latest interaction with the reporters. When asked about having a “peaceful transferral of power,” demurred on the subject.

Donald Trump says:

“Get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There will be a continuation.”

The publication further reports that Trump’s repeated opinions about the ballots’ integrity increasingly alarms the Democrats. This could reportedly mean that he might not accept his possible defeat.

According to CNBCthe Joe Biden campaign has released a statement in response to Trump’s aforementioned comment:

“The American people will decide this election. And the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.”

Donald Trump to fight it out in Supreme Court

BBC pointed out that Trump believes the result of this November’s election will end up in the Supreme Court. With that, he further defends his decision to appoint a new Supreme Court justice before the election.

He was quoted saying:

“I think this [the election] will end up in the Supreme Court, and I think it’s very important that we have nine justices,” Trump explains.

“I think it’s better if you go before the election, because I think this scam that the Democrats are pulling, it’s a scam, the scam will be before the United States Supreme Court.”

Donald Trump, in his executive capacity, will name a female nominee this Saturday, to replace the recently departed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The New York Times notes that Trump has also expressed remaining in power beyond what the Constitution permits—two terms only. In fact, during his RNC speech, he jokingly snarked, “if you want to really drive them crazy, you say, ’12 more years.'”

This was in reference to his crowd’s chant about his re-election—”four more years.”

The news outlet highlights Trump’s “closed-door fundraiser” with China’s leader, Xi Jinping, in 2018. Trump told Xi Jinping that he “would be ‘president for life.'”

He commented that he “think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot someday.”

Trump has also further expressed previously that the only the Democrats will the elections is if they rigged it. A baseless claim that he has since been criticized of.


Featured image courtesy of CNBC Television/YouTube Screenshot

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