Donald Trump bombarded with $100 million book and TV deals, source claims

Donald Trump bombarded with $100 million book and TV deals, source claims

Donald Trump is bombarded with book and TV deals that are worth a staggering $100 million, according to an insider.

Donald Trump lost the U.S. presidential election to Joe Biden. Although the POTUS will be leaving the White House next year, a lot of things might keep him busy because he has a lot of books and TV offers.

Donald Trump receives a lot of deals

Barack Obama’s next book will hit the shelves in less than a week. There are rumors that President Donald Trump is being courted to also make one about his time in the White House.

“Trump is being bombarded with book and TV deals that could be worth a staggering $100 million,” an insider told Page Six.

Barack and former first lady Michelle Obama received a $65 million deal with Crown in 2017. Aside from the book offer, the current POTUS also received TV deals from far-right TV outlets.

“Book and TV deals are plan-B if he doesn’t win the vote war. Translate 70 million votes into viewers and record book sales. All the anti-Trump books have made big bucks, so this from the Donald is a surefire hit,” the insider added.

The book insider also hinted that Simon & Schuster is among the publishers that might publish Trump’s book. The publication published Trump’s last book. Also, Jonathan Karp, CEO at Simon & Schuster, has published several of Trump’s books, including the latter’s most recent book, “Crippled America.”

“Oh, he’s the President. Everyone who leaves the White House has one or more books in them and that becomes part of public history. I think that would be not only appropriate but important,” Dana Canedy, said new Simon & Schuster publisher.

Trump mocked on Twitter after losing the election

Donald Trump didn’t get the re-election he was aiming for after Joe Biden beat him. To make the matter worse, a number of netizens mocked the POTUS online after the Democratic presidential candidate was named the new president-elect.

Several netizens took to Twitter and called out the POTUS, saying he was fired. Many also told the POTUS in various tweets to “go to jail.”

“@realDonaldTrump What a sore loser. Concede and go to jail. Shock us all and be an adult for once,” one wrote.

“@realDonaldTrump Hope you’re watching tv like you usually spend 90% of ur time, so you can see all of us celebrating your demise!! We f—-ng hate you & rejoice in your defeat! Party’s going to be even bigger the day you go to jail. F— YOU, A—HOLE!! GTFO of our house!” another commented.

Despite the backlash, Trump is not conceding. Biden called Trump’s refusal to concede an embarrassment adding that it won’t help his legacy.


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