Donald Trump criticized after encouraging Mike Tyson to ‘keep punching’

Donald Trump criticized after encouraging Mike Tyson to 'keep punching'

Donald Trump posted a tweet encouraging Mike Tyson to “keep punching.”

It has appeared that Donald Trump and Mike Tyson share a close relationship. Ever since he announced his candidacy in 2016, the former professional boxer has since expressed his support.

On Sunday, the incumbent United States President retweeted a post from ESPN‘s Sports Center. The main post included a video of the former boxer doing some rounds of punches. The caption stated that Mike Tyson is “still scary,” even at 53.

Donald Trump seemingly shared his own support after encouraging the boxer “to keep punching” through the retweet. He also replied to his own post with what appears to be a joke. He said that he will “beat tf” out of “that n**** tho.”

Donald Trump receives criticisms after

Several netizens took the time to respond to the President’s tweet and blasted him. Some of the critics said that it is “too bad” that Trump was not in front of him, implying that he should be the one being punched by Mike Tyson.

Other individuals also stated that the two personalities have “one thing in common.” As posted, they both have “sexual assault,” which reportedly explains their “friendship.” “Quite a pair,” one added.

Some of the replies also emphasized the irrelevance of Donald Trump’s tweet. Many of the netizens shared their concerns and criticisms about the matter, given that the country has been facing a huge crisis

U.S. President did not agree with Mike Tyson’s sentence

As per Political Flare, the criticisms seemingly came after learning that Donald Trump supports the “convicted rapist” Mike Tyson. The publication also appears to blast the American leader for his action.

It is not surprising that Trump supports the “rapey” boxer, the post stated. As explained, Donald Trump did not reportedly agree with the former boxer’s sentence in 1992.

Despite having the charge of rape and sentence of six years in prison, along with four years of probation, he got out of prison after three years. He had also been registered as a “tier 2 sex offender” under Federal Law.

The publication noted that the then-billionaire mogul said that he is “totally opposed” to the situation. He also reportedly justified that he believes in “harsh punishment.”

However, in the case of Mike Tyson, he contended that “probably,” “more good can be done” if the 25-year-old boxer would instead “pay a substantial award” to the rape victim. Donald Trump also reportedly added that it would also be a better sentence if Tyson would instead create a “ward” for the “abused and raped” individuals in Indiana.


Image courtesy of The Epoch Times/Flickr

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