Donald Trump ‘deserves a second term’, Scott Jennings says

Donald Trump 'deserves a second term', Scott Jennings says

Donald Trump is aiming for re-election, and American political leader Scott Jennings supports the POTUS.

Donald Trump is a great leader for Scott Jennings, who penned an op-ed for CNN, where he shared his views about Trump and why the POTUS deserves a second term. For Jennings, Trump is the best among the presidential candidates.

Donald Trump should be re-elected

Scott Jennings shared his thoughts about the presidentiables in an op-en for CNN. In his write-up, he got candid and pointed out President Donald Trump’s flaws and strengths as a leader.

Many celebrities and politicians endorsed Joe Biden, but for Jennings’ standards, Trump leads the race.

“And for all of the President’s missteps, including his rhetorical failures in dealing with coronavirus, this vote is about the next four years. We will likely have a vaccine soon (and in large part thanks to Trump’s leadership on Operation Warp Speed), and we will defeat this virus no matter who wins,” he wrote.

“So, who can lead us through that day and beyond, restoring the American economy and stopping the radicals from tearing up the American political institutions they find inconvenient? Donald J. Trump.”

Why does he choose to support Trump?

Scott Jennings pointed out how Donald Trump stood up against the worst impulses of the American leftist and radicals who seek to banish from the public square. He stressed that Trump is “not a perfect person,” but he was the first president to attend the March for Life Rally and supported the “unborn children.”

The unborn children “never had a stronger defender in the White House,” Jennings said. He wasn’t sure if Trump’s abortion views are pure or transactional. However, he didn’t care as long as Trump stands up for the unborn who can’t stand up for themselves.

“Elections are choices. Pro-life or pro-choice. Higher taxes or lower taxes. Support free speech or coddle censorship. No politician ever satisfies me fully, but Trump comes far closer than Joe Biden ever could,” he added.

“There’s room for Trump to improve, but in no way does Biden represent a step in a policy direction that I can support as a conservative. He fails the test on virtually every issue I care about, and I expect the United States would move radically left on his watch, especially on abortion.”

Donald Trump on the election

Meanwhile, the current president has been speaking up about the election, and in a tweet, he compared his candidacy with his close rival Joe Biden.

Trump said the voters have two options calling it “Trump Recovery” and “Biden Depression.” He promised the voters a surge in prosperity and a resumption of normal life.


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