Donald Trump expresses unproven accusations to Joe Biden

President Donald Trump points out presidential nominee Joe Biden in a tirade of unproven accusations amid the US elections.

On Thursday, Donald Trump is claiming that Joe Biden is cheating him out of winning the US elections. The votes across the different states where it shows that Democrat Biden is closing in his victory.

Are Democrats stealing the US elections?

Two days after polls have been closed, Trump stated that they are trying to steal the election in an extraordinary statement.

Trump did not provide any evidence and did not take any questions from reporters after his speech. He used the remarks of 17 minutes to make provocative statements. This regards the country’s democratic process that has never been heard from a US president.

As per Trump, the Democrats are using “illegal votes” to steal the election. He also stated that if the legal votes are counted, he will easily win. Biden’s team is trying to rig the election, and Trump could not let that happen.

Beyond his persuasive speech, Trump is targeting his complaints on the integrity of the ballots mailed in. The votes are enormous in numbers in mailed ballots rather than the in-person cast on Election Day.

The shift in postal ballots this year is in the order of the voters to avoid their risk in exposing themselves to COVID-19. The crowded polling stations will surely be risky during this pandemic that already killed more than 230,000 Americans.

Republicans vs. Democrats

Moreover, Trump told his supporters not to support mail-in ballots as he denies the virus’s seriousness. Some Republicans took advantage of the option comparing to the Democrats.

Some of the major US television networks cut-off their live coverage of Trump’s event. MSNBC stated that things are needed to correct the president’s false claims.

Trump’s campaign is continuing to insist that the president still has a way to win. They also cited some pockets of the Republican’s support, which is yet to be counted. However, Trump claims that he is a victim of mass fraud without evidence.

Donald Trump announced his victory

Nonetheless, Trump declared his victory on Wednesday and threatened to seek the Supreme Court’s intervention to stop counting the votes.

Trump spreads his team across the battleground states and challenging the results in court. They also made a series of press conferences where the supporters present allegations of the US elections’ irregularities.

Trump posted in his Twitter account, which refers to his unsupported claims that the US elections’ mail-in ballots are fraudulent.

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