Donald Trump extends secret service privileges for adult children, Twitter reacts

Donald Trump extends secret service privileges for adult children, Twitter reacts

Donald Trump extended the secret service privileges for his adult children, and many netizens were not happy.

Donald Trump already left the White House on the day President Joe Biden moved into the presidential house. However, the former president departed with peace of mind that his family members are secured because he extended their protection.

Donald Trump extended family’s protection

Donald Trump left the White House with his kids, still enjoying the Secret Service protection. The former president issued the last-minute extension as a “transition periods” for his adult kids, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, Eric Trump and his wife, Lara Trump, and Tiffany Trump, a Secret Service said, People reported.

The insider added that other non-Trump family members were given the same privilege, but they were not named. Also, former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and former National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien were among those who received extended protection.

Former presidents extending protection

Donald Trump isn’t the only president who requested extended protection. Former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama did the same. However, their children at the time were still too young. Chelsea Clinton was only 20. Meanwhile, Obamas’ daughters Sasha and Malia were just teenagers.

Trump’s children were already adults. Trump Jr. is 43, Ivanka is 39, Eric is 37, and the youngest, Tiffany, is 27. President George W. Bush’s daughters were 27 when he left the office, and he did not continue to receive Secret Service protection, People reported.

Twitter reacts to Trump’s extended protection service

Many were not happy with Donald Trump extending the protection for his adult kids. One netizen called it corruption because the people would be paying for it, and he believed Ivanka doesn’t need it.

“And before leaving office, Donald Trump extended her Secret Service protection for another 6 months.  We pay for that. She doesn’t need publicly-funded security.  Clearly they can afford to pay foe their own security. Grift. Corruption,” the user wrote.  

“I suspect that Secret Service protection for trump’s adult children will lead to more Secret Service expense money finding its way into donald trump’s voluminous and greedy pockets,” another added.

A different user believed that Trump should have been stripped off the benefits accorded to a former president, including lifetime pension, secret service protection, and travel and office expenses. The same netizen called out the others to vote to convict the ex-POTUS.

While the critics slammed the former POTUS, many also continued to support Trump. A netizen thanked Trump for waking up the country. Meanwhile, Erroll Webber, a candidate for California governor, also thanked Trump for “fighting for us.”


Image used courtesy of Sky News/YouTube Screenshot

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