Twitter users claim Donald Trump allegedly faking COVID-19 positive announcement to ‘dodge’ debate

Donald Trump fake COVID-19 to 'dodge' presidential debate, Twitter claims

Donald Trump announced that he and his wife, Melania Trump, tested positive for COVID-19. The POTUS’ announcement received mixed responses, with some speculating that it has something to do with the presidential debate.

Donald Trump took to Twitter and announced that he and First Lady Melania Trump had contracted the deadly virus on Thursday. The post was flooded with mixed responses.

Some blamed the couple for not wearing masks while others prayed for them. A number also speculated that he just announced it to avoid the debate.

Donald Trump allegedly faking COVID-19 to dodge presidential debate

Donald Trump and Melania Trump have been out and about campaigning for his re-election. They are often seen in a crowd, and they don’t wear face masks. But some Twitter users felt that the POTUS’ COVID announcement was not true; he just wanted to avoid the debate or delay the election.

“Trump fakes Covid to delay election!” one speculated.

“Getting COVID-19 to dodge the debate, big brain,” another alleged.

Another netizen asked the others if they also think Trump is lying to “get out of the debates.” The same netizen suggested that the move is Trump’s strategy and questioned why he would get positive for a virus that is a hoax. The netizen could be referring to Trump’s previous statements calling coronavirus a hoax.

Another online user had the same take saying Trump testing positive for COVID is suspicious. First, Michael Cohen claimed Trump will resign if he loses the election and have Mike Pence Pardon him to prevent federal prosecution. Second, it could be his plan to avoid another debate, the netizen wrote.

Bran Fokke also believed Trump is just faking it. For him, it was the POTUS way to avoid “humiliating debates.”

Others ridiculed Trump

Meanwhile, others ridiculed Donald Trump because he mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask at the last presidential debate. Some of them seemingly shaded Trump and said it was his fault for not wearing a face mask.

“I hope media will start playing excerpt from debate when Trump mocks Biden for always wearing a mask! :-)” one wrote.

Meanwhile, journalist Peter Tedeschi pointed out that Trump was wrong with his reactions to the coronavirus pandemic. He added the POTUS was wrong to call it a hoax, and he was wrong to mock Biden for wearing a mask. He also said not everyone is celebrating his illness.

On the other hand, Trump’s supporters flooded his post with support and prayers. Some of his critics are also praying for his speedy recovery.


Image used courtesy of The Telegraph/YouTube Screenshot

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