Donald Trump fired fake Barack Obama in ‘The Apprentice’ parody [WATCH]

Donald Trump fired fake Barack Obama in 'The Apprentice' parody [WATCH]

President Donald Trump hired a Black actor to play as former president Barack Obama in The Apprentice parody seven years ago.

Donald Trump confronts an actor playing as Barack Obama in a parody video that was uploaded on YouTube in 2013. Per TMZ, Trump belittles and fired the “Faux-Bama” in “Apprentice” style.

Donald Trump confronts Faux-Bama in a video

The video that has since resurfaced on YouTube shows President Donald Trump facing a man who appeared like Barack Obama. The Black actor has his back on the camera the whole time, and his face was never shown in the video.

Trump speaks with the Faux-Bama and assesses the former administration’s performance.

“Let’s see what you’ve been up to. This is your review,” Trump says in the clip.

The POTUS talked to the Faux-Bama and pointed out his lack of experience in managing people and running a business before the presidency. He also pointed out how Obama was never responsible in making a payroll and signing paychecks.

“You’ve really never balanced anything certainly not your own budget,” Trump continues.

Trump also commended Obama’s golf and speaking skills. However, he didn’t agree with the ex-POTUS’s statement that the private sector was doing fine because it was dying.

He also asked the faux ex-POTUS how he was doing in terms of the hope and change that he promised and there was no response.

Trump praises Obama as a speaker

In the video, Donald Trump showed some clips of Barack Obama making speeches. He praised Obama, but he remained unconvinced because there were no results.

“You’re really good speaker, I love the way you speak, but talk is cheap. We’ve got to get results without results, it all doesn’t matter,” Trump adds.

“There’s no reason for keeping important information away from people that hired [you]. Frankly, it makes us worry whether or not we could trust you at all.”

Trump also pointed out the rise in employment rate and how Obama run up almost as much debt as every other president combined. However, he didn’t blame him because some of the debt were inherited. He also questioned the expensive, convoluted healthcare system.

Trump’s verdict

Donald Trump acts like he was on his previous TV series The Apprentice as he gives his verdict to the Faux-Bama sitting across him.

“Despite all of this you want four more years,” Trump says.

“The bottom line is we want results. China and virtually every other country throughout the world is laughing at us. They take advantage of us. They we’re run by a bunch of fools. OPEC driving energy prices through the roof. The fact is the American people want results,” Trump continues.

“President Obama, you’re fired,” Trump gives his verdict.

Netizens react to the video

The video received mixed reactions from the netizens. Many loved it, while others used it against Donald Trump by saying that the tables have turned.

One pointed out how Trump told the Faux-Bama that there was no reason for him to keep information from the public and questioned the current POTUS for not disclosing his tax.


Image used courtesy of Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock

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