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Donald Trump leaves interview after ‘tough’ questions


President Donald Trump was interviewed on the United States television in 60 minutes show. The footage was released by Donald Trump in his account with Lesley Stahl as the interviewing journalist. He walked out of the interview after facing tough questions on the COVID-19.

Journalist Lesley Stahl asked a series of questions about his response to the COVID-19 pandemic. She also asked questions about his social media use to govern by tweet and attack his political opponents. On Thursday, Donald Trump released a 38 minutes clip where he walked out of the interview and left.

The interview

CBS conducted the interview. Journalist Lesley Stahl interviews him on the popular show 60 minutes. The interview was scheduled to be released on Sunday. But before that, Trump released a 38 minutes video. The video showed only the angle of a White House camera that faced him. The White House officials and the network agreed that the camera footage would be used only for archival purposes.

Trump expressed frustration that Stahl’s questions wouldn’t be asked of former Vice President Joe Biden, his Democratic challenger.

The questions

The contentious questions ranged from his handling of the coronavirus pandemic to his tweets on social media in the United States.

“Are you ready for some tough questions?” Stahl asked Trump at the beginning of the clip. In response, Trump said he was “looking for fairness.”

The interview questions touched on top domestic issues like the rise in COVID-19 cases in the United States. Lesley Stahl also questioned Trump as to why he does not encourage people to wear masks. She asked how he would protect people with the current conditions if the Supreme Court overturns the affordable care act.

Trump’s response

President Donald Trump expressed his frustration throughout the interview. When Stahl brought up Trump’s recent comments, he either denied or intended to be sarcastic.

“You wouldn’t say that to Biden, what you just said to me. If he had it, if he had it, you would never say that to Biden,” Trump said after Stahl said his claims of having the biggest economy in the history of the country weren’t true.

He said the subjects brought up were “inappropriate” from the start after storming out of the interview.

“I think we have enough. Really, we have enough. I think we have enough of an interview here, OK?” said Trump, who appeared to be very tense. “Let’s go. Let’s go.”

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