Donald Trump losing to Joe Biden by 16 in new CNN poll

Donald Trump losing to Joe Biden by 16 in new CNN poll

Donald Trump is losing to Joe Biden in CNN’s new poll. To make the matter worse, many of those backing him haven’t made up their mind.

Donald Trump has gained a lot of supporters and critics over the years. He is currently running for re-election against Joe Biden, but the latest poll suggests that he is trailing behind his competitor.

Donald Trump losing to Biden in new CNN poll

President Donald Trump has hit a new low based on CNN’s new poll. He now trails behind Vice President Joe Biden by 16 points, which is his largest margin.

Meanwhile, 9 in 10 likely voters have already made up their minds when it comes to the candidate they will be voting. But 8% of the voters said they are still open to persuasion.

The outlet noted that all of those voters who are open to persuasion are not voting for Biden but Trump. The poll suggested that the POTUS might be losing more supporters if Biden could successfully persuade them before the election day.

Meanwhile, a total of 10% of Trump supporters said they might change their minds compared to 8% of Biden supporters.

Trump’s path to victory

Many were not happy with Donald Trump’s job performance and the way he handled COVID-19. This might have affected the people’s perception of the president, CNN reported.

In fact, 59% said they trusted Joe Biden to handle the coronavirus pandemic while only 38% favored for Trump.

CNN suggested two things for Trump to pull off a victory. First, he needs to peel voters away from their certainty of voting Biden. Second, he has to convince them to vote for him.

Biden and Trump debate

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced each other for the first presidential election. Many were irked at Trump because he would often cut or interrupt Biden.

It came to a point when Biden told Trump to “shut up.” Following the incident, several Twitter users pitied Hillary Clinton because they felt that she also wanted to tell Trump the same words four years ago.

Clinton and Trump ran against each other during the 2016 presidential election. Apparently, Trump won over Clinton. The former secretary of state confirmed that she could relate to Biden.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama also reacted to the debate and said she was turned off by Trump’s behavior. The ex-FLOTUS went on and encouraged her followers to vote for Biden.

Due to the negative reviews during the first debate, many speculated that Trump was only faking his coronavirus diagnosis to dodge the next debate. But Trump just announced that he wanted to attend the next presidential debate. But Biden said they should not have it unless he is COVID-free.


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